Hordes Battle Box_WEBSo I have recently found out there is a decent amount of support for hordes within my local area, which has sparked my interest. I should say that I have never played hordes, but have been impressed by the model range. As a painter at heart, good models will often convince me to play a game! However local support for the games is still highly important, as otherwise the game dies out and you are left with a collection that stays in a case. Considering getting into hordes has actually brought into mind what I like to currently play (which is mostly Infinity) and what I owe but don’t play with (mostly my wood elves and tyranids). With these thoughts in mind (plus a fair amount of trolling on the Hordes forums!), here are my thoughts towards the game. Of course these are just my novice opinions, but everyone has to start somewhere!

– The models look awesome. Plain and simple! I personally like Everblight, but am also keen on the Circle Orboros.
– The price range seems to be far below Warhammer 40K/Fantasy, but also above Infinity. It’s a semi-skirmish style game, so this is to be expected! With a decent size game being 35pts, I think it would cost around £125 – £150 to get an army put together. Alternatively the two player battle box seems to be very good value.
– Looking on the forum, most of the models seem playable. This means you can collect and paint the models which you prefer. This is great news as I don’t like to be restricted in what models I can paint up! Having said this only certain models have synergies with other models. It seems that you should choice your Warlock first and then build your army around what synergies with him and then what has synergies with other models within your force. Although this looks to be an interesting game mechanic, as a new player this is quite a pain as you don’t know what has synergies with each other! It defiantly seems like there is quite a learning curve in creating list and reading a lot of rules.
– Models are sold with their own rules, so that you don’t have to buy an army book or supplements.
– The game seems to be developing as a whole, rather than a race at a time. This is achieved through releases of books with new rules for each of the hordes races, like Hordes: Domination. To me this seems a lot better as the dreaded power creep is (hopefully) avoided and you have new models to look forward to each year.

Overall I have some reservations about getting into hordes, mostly as this is a game where list building is crucial and there are a ton of rules to wade through in order to identify units that have synergy! Certainly the list building aspect of wargaming is something I have been moving away from, as I normally play Infinity (where it’s more about how you use your models rather than the list you take). However I am still considering getting the two player battle box and giving it a go as I miss having a fantasy game to dip into and the models are really good.