Jaguars are possibly my favorite Nomad unit. On the surface Jaguars may look like a lot of other warband, but they have the noticeable addition of being regular and frenzy (as apposed to extreme impetuous). This means Jaguars won’t have the additional impetuous order to get up the table, but does mean they are a lot easier to control plus they can make use of cover. Jaguars also have the great benefit of being dogged, which makes putting them down tricky!

Nomad Jagguars

The cheapest profile may be what you expect from warband (i.e. smoke grenades and chain files or shotgun), but the other panzerfaust/Adhesive Launcher wielding profile is more eclectic. This profile misses out on smoke grenades, but offers a cheap and deadly ARO model (dogged really helps with in this role!). It’s worth noting that between the pistol, panzerfaust and Adhesive Launcher this is one of the few models in Infinity that can get a plus 3 to hit from 0 – 32.

For this trade off the Jaguars cost more than you might expect, but in my opinion are well worth it. Personally I use the chain rifles/shot guns for back board guard duties whilst the panzerfaust profile acts as an ARO model. Of course Jaguars work incredibly well with the Nomad signature model, the Intruder by providing reliable smoke.

Nomad Jagguars

My personal favourite, this model looks great with two close combat weapons. I painted the skin tone using my typical purplish hues.

I love the studs on this model, it has a real gang like feel to it.

Panzerfaust wielding Jaguar.

A shotgun wielding Jaguar, with a cool mow-hawk haircut!

This was a weapon swap so I could field two panzerfaust without model duplication.

Again another wepaon swap in case I fielded more shotgun armed Jaguars. This is more for my own benefit, as it makes it easier to identify which Jaguar has a chain rifle and which has a shotgun.