Well this is quite an awesome month for new models, including at least four new profiles! As in previous months I will rate the models using the “Schreiber scale” (basically between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest).

I am going to start with my personal favorite for this month, the Mobile Brigada box set! There are two new profiles added by this box, the Mobile Brigada with Missile Launcher and the Mobile Brigada Hacker. Both of these are fantastic options for these dependable, even if not flamboyant, heavy infantry. The missile launcher is going a add a very resilient ARO option for Nomads, even more so when linked with other Mobile Brigada.

The Hacker however is even more interesting in my eyes, as it’s the first truly resilient Nomad specialist i.e. one with 2 wounds and good armor. This is something I have always felt missing from Nomads, so it’s great to see that gap filled. Interestingly the Mobile Brigada Hacker is the first Hacker (to the best of my knowlegde) that can benefit from a Tinbot (as part of a link). This makes the Mobile Brigada Hacker extremely well protected in the cybernetic arena, even more so if you can use fairly dust as well! I will have to check exactly how all these rules combine and interact, but I think this could be a more deadly hacker than it initially seems. This does raise the questions of, where is the Mobile Brigada with combi-rifle and Tinbot? Personally I am hoping that this will be another blister pack further down the line.

The models themselves look fantastic, up to the same high standard as the Operation Icestorm Mobile Bridaga. I really like the female Mobile Bridaga, they really have a strong manga look to them. There is no doubt that I will be picking this box set up, so I give it a 5.

The Nisse with HMG is an absolutely devastating model on the table, being almost as nasty as an Intruder but far cheaper. The new miniature is undoubtedly finely sculpted with crisp detail. However the pose misses the mark and lets this model down. Not only does the pose makes the Nisse look caught off guard, but holding the HMG in one hand seems unrealistic. I am sure there are potential conversions to fix the pose, but I have to give this model a 2. This may be harsh, as the sculpt really is nice, but I can’t get past that pose!

The Hunzakut is a stunning miniature with an unusual pose, but one that works really well. I know the art work for this model has been around for a while, so it’s great to see it executed to a high standard. For me the model get a strong 4. I can see most Haqq players will want to pick this model up, both because it’s an amazing miniature but also it has a very interesting profile.

The Combined Army has been going in a completely new direction and the Drones are no exception. These have an almost Star Ship Troop bug feel to them, which I like a lot. The Drones also fit in far more with the standard four legged remotes of the Infinity universe. My only criticism is that they feel a bit busy and some parts are hard to identify, but this may be the paint job (awesome as it is) being quite dark. Overall I give these models a solid 4.

As for the rules, Combined Army players can rejoice as they finally get an EVO repeater! EVO’s are soon set to change dramatically (with the re-release of Human Sphere), but in the meantime these will notably provide benefits to Combined Army hackers and Ariel Deployment troops. The latter is especially important for Combined Army, as they have an excellent selection of Ariel Deployment troops. It’s also worth noting that the EVO models looks to have a gun, which I believe is the first EVO model to posses a firearm. Of course you can always build the fearsome Q Drone as well!


The Kosuil Assault Pioneers are an entirely new Tohaa unit. The first release has a K1 combi rifle which will be a great addition to Tohaa, especially for ITS missions that benefit from anti-material weapons (such as Lifeblood, Nimbus Zone, The Armoury etc). The model should be pretty resilient as well, being medium infantry with symbiont armor. It will certainly be interesting to see the full profile of this new model.

The sculpt is solid, although with all those tubes it does somehow remind me of of Bane from old Batman Cartoons! The fist bump pose will annoy some people, but I think it works with this model. I particularly like the coat and that the models looks dramatically different to other Tohaa models, so I give this model a solid 4.