If Gencon is on, so there is bound to be a lot of Infinity news! Yesterday were are tone of new images as well as information on the eagerly anticipated Human Sphere book. I have put it all together and added a few of my thought.


Nomad News

– Mobile Brigada box set

– Alguacile hacker (released in August)



Combined Army News

– The official title of the new CA sectorial is  First Contact ONYX force. This is formed from the models in the current CA starter set.

– Two new drones were shown, the Xeodrone and the Overdrone (least that’s what I think they are called). The latter looks like the CA equivalent of  a Han Huo!



Haqqislam News

– Khawarijs resculpt

– Bashi Bazouks resculpt

– Govads

– Female Hunzakuts (September release)



Tohaa News

– Tohaa Kosuil Assault Pioneers , are hard hitting medium infantry with Symbiont, K1, mines, nimbus grenades etc. These will be out in September.

– Kerail Preceptors, the Tohaa equivalent of a antipode pack. The Preceptors are accompanied by alien “reptile lions”, called Mutan and Surda.


Personally I am not convinced by the the Tohaa “reptile-lions”, somehow they remind me of the He-Man Battle Cat, but i’ll reserve judgment until I see the model.


Yu Jing News

– Domaru Butai boxset (apparently Domaru will get new options/rules from the new Human Sphere book).

– Zhanjing troops (to be released early next year).

– Guija Resculpt (to be released by the end of the year).


This TAG looks amazing, can’t wait to see the miniature!


Pan-O News

– Clausewitz Uhlan and Tikbalang box set

– Seraph

– Croc man hacker

– Nisses HMG (released in September)


It’s TAG-tastic news! It’s been quite a wait, as the Stingray series design has gone through multiple changes, but looks like the wait has been worth it. My personal favorite is the Seraph (both model and rules).


Ariadna News

– Desperados and Mavericks to be released this year.


Human Sphere News

– The new Human Sphere will probably be released by the end of this year, bring all Inifnity rules up to N3 standard.

– The fire-teams rules will be rewritten and will include the new Duo fireteam, formed of two models. The Duo fire-team should be available to generic armies. It provides no fire-team bonus, but does allow two models to move with one order.

– EVO remotes become hackers with additional programs. For the first time the Combined army is getting an EVO.

– A new hacking device called a Killer Hacker device will be made available to certain models. The device will have only 4 programs (+1 for CA) designed to kill of enemy hackers. In addition one of the programs is cybermask.

– Certain models will not be present in the new Human Sphere. This includes Halqas, Kamau as well as the Merovingians  and Shasvastii sectorical.  These models and sectorials will remain legal and will be present in the Infinity online army builder. They will be re-released when  Acheron Falls is released (possibly 2016). The Shasvastii range will be re-designed.


Final Thoughts

Wow there is a lot of news to take in! I think this show how far CB are going to go to change Human Sphere to make Inifnity the game they really want, rather than simply cleaning it up. I expect we will see many more changes from Human Sphere, which in the future will open up many more tactics and options.

There are so many fantastic new models coming out, as well as re-sculpts. By the end of this year anyone wanting to get into Infinity will have a complete N3 system as well as an amazing and extensive model range, not blighted by some of the older and less well sculpted models. It should give Inifnity the stable base to grow even further as well as become an even more enjoyable game.

The only downside for me is the news that the Shasvastii range will be re-designed. As I already have a fairly large Shasvastii army, it’s a shame to know they will be out of date within (approximately) 2 years. Still it’s hard to complain about new and better models!