I recently went to an Infinity tournament at BIG in Bristol, so thought I’d get back into blogging and do a report of the event! The tournament was a standard 300pts non-spec op, with 16 players. The missions were Supremacy, Antenna Field and Annihilation.

I have been playing a lot with my Ariadna recently, so they would be obvious army to take. However I fancied a change of pace and decided to take a risk and use my Nomads, which I am a bit rusty on. At least Nomads are a flexible force that I used a lot in 2nd edition and the missions were simple.


My list designed for Supremacy and Annihilation was:


Intruder Lieutenant

Intruder with Multi Sniper Rifle

Prowler with Spitfire

Reverend Moria with HMG

Spektr Hacker

Alguacil FO

Alguacil FO

Alguacil FO

Zero FO

Jaguar with chain rifle









With a massive 7 specialist (just one of the joys of playing Nomads!), plus two of which infiltrate I was confident I could cope with tacking control of the consoles in Supremacy. The specialist also covered all of the classified objectives, which is massively important for Annihilation where they are worth 40% of the objective points available.

To aid control of the quadrants in Supremacy I added two Salyut, which only cost 8pts but due to baggage are worth 28pts when calculating who controls a quadrant. The Salyut may be fragile but I have found they can really help keep secure the quadrants nearest to your deployment zone, allowing you to push up the field with the more aggressive elements of the army.

The list also has firepower from the Intruder, Moria and Prowler, as well as a substantial order pool so seemed well-rounded. I think the main downside of the list is the fairly obvious Lieutenant, who can be narrowed down to one of the non-infiltrating camo markers.


My list designed for Antenna Field was:


Intruder Lieutenant

Intruder with Multi Sniper Rifle

Reverend Custodier Hacker

Mobile Brigada with combi-rifle

Lupe Balboa

Reverend Moria with HMG

Alguacil FO

Alguacil FO

Alguacil FO

Jaguar with chain rifle




Sin-Eater with HMG



As Antenna Field involves standing around objectives, this list had defence and tougher specialist in mind. In particular the Reverend Custodier Hacker and Lupe Balboa are both specialist that can be a right pain to dislodge, due to ODD and mimetism respectively, once they gets onto suppressive fire. Due to the exultation zone I did not go for any infiltrating specialist.

I had a Sin-Eater with HMG to team up with the Intruder sniper. I hoped these two would make it hard for my opponent to advance, whilst my specialist secured the objectives.  The list also had a Mobile Brigada to add some resilience to it. Unfortunately I could not find the points to give him a multi rifle and light flamer, so this was just the cut down combi-rifle version.

As with the previous list I think the main downside was the fairly obvious Lieutenant. At least the Reverend Custodier Hacker was another potential suspect.



My first game was playing Supremacy against Tohaa. I won the roll of for initiative and decided to go second and my opponent elected me to deploy first. That’s a pretty large sacrifice, especially against Tohaa who can rush you with flamers, but as the control of the quadrants are calculated at the end of each game round I wanted to go second, so I knew where best to put my points (or kill the enemy) to take control of the quadrants.


Table for Game One

The Tohaa force had a main combat group supported by a 3 man link. Because of this I decided to use my command token to reduce the orders of the 3 man Tohaa link combat group, as this would stop this group from advancing out of the quadrant on the Tohaa side of the table.

The first shot of the game was a sniper duel between my Intruder and Nikoul, which saw the Intruder on the losing side. With the Intruder sniper dead the Tohaa were free to advance up the table, securing both quadrants nearest to their deployment zone, whilst pushing a Kotail with spitfire into my right hand quadrant.

The Kotail was looking to be a real pain, as I had no one in a good position to tackle him, until I remembered I had a Spektre hacker just behind the Kotail. The Spektre was able to see all the holo echoes, which proved very useful as I could reveal the Spektre and go idle, forcing the Kotail to react and reveal itself. Thankfully the Spektre shot the Kotail down, preventing any intrusions into my quadrants for that game round. For the rest of my turn I took pop shots and killed of a Sakiel, Doctor and Makaul and secured both the quadrants nearest to me as well as one of the consoles. The game round eneded with us both in control of 2 quadrants.

The next turn saw a Rasail advance up my left flank, through some woodland. The rest of the Tohaa secured a console and strengthen the defence of their own quadrants.

The rest of the game saw me killing off the of several Tohaa model and eventually killing of the Rasail, which are extremely hard to get rid of especially when in woodland. I then advanced up the table and secured three of the two quadrants for the remaining two game rounds. I also completed my classified (extreme prejudice) and secured another console.

In the end the game finished 8 – 2, so was a strong start to the day. Thankfully my gamble of deploying first and going second had payed of.


Game 2

After a strong start my next opponent was likely to be tough. As it turned out I was facing Ian, aka the Wargame Trader with his Nomads, so it was indeed going to be a tough game! We were playing antenna field on a table with fairly open deployment zones, but fairly dense center (sometimes referred to as a “camel back”).


Table for Game Two

Ian won the initiative roll and decided to take deployment, forcing me to make the tricky decision to go first or second. As the mission is scored at the end of each game round I decided to take the second turn, think that because of the exclusion zone both infiltrators and AD troops would have a tough time storming me on the 1st turn, plus I felt my defence was good with the Intruder Sniper and Sin Eater.

I deployed with my Intruder Sniper and Sin Eater in semi-decent vantage positions and the rest of my army prone behind what cover I could find. Ian also deployed most of his army hidden away in his deployment zone, except notably two camo markers over the half way line (which successful made their infiltration rolls) and two Grenzer with missile launchers in vantage points on his side of the table. I opted to use a command token to prevent Ian using multiple command tokens in his first turn.

Ian’s first turn saw him use his Intruder with HMG to bait out my Intruder Sniper and subsequently win a fire-fight against him, leaving the sniper unconscious. The next piece of my defense, the Sin Eater was then taken out by using a coordinated order to allow the two Grenzer with missile launchers and a Zero to shot him. I could have dodge to make it a face to face roll against all of the shots, but as the Grenzer were hitting on a 16 (we were all prone, but on equal height terrain so not in cover) I decided to go down in a blaze of glory and killed off one of the Grenzers but got blown apart by the other. A very fast Morlock (move 8/4) also ran up my right flank with a chimera pack. My deference was broken, but Ian had only secured one antenna so things were not looking too bad so far. However Ian has also moved a Bandit up my right flank to go after a camo marker, which was my Intruder Lieutenant.  After detecting the Intruder a firefight ensued with the Intruder eventually lost and went unconscious.

As I started my second turn in Loss of Lieutenant I had I was only just able to get onto one of the antenna with my Custodier. I had no orders to retaliate, but just tried to reposition my force. Whilst moving up my left flank I triggered a Spektre with sniper rifle to be revealed, further hampering my movement up the table. I did try to heal my Intruder, which I successfully managed, however I had not anticipated how close a Morlock was. The Morlock promptly chain rifled both the remote and intruder, causing the intruder to go back to the unconscious state and kill of the remote. At least that nabbed me an objective point as passing a doctor roll was my classified objective.

The second turn saw the start of the end as Ian’s Chimera pack descended on my Custodier, tearing her to shreds and then moving on to do the same to a Reverend Moria. The fast Morlock attacked my Daktari, leaving me with just a Jaguar on my left flank.

The rest of the game was wrapped up quickly with Ian decimating my army in short order, whilst securing all the antenna. There was a cool close combat between the Jaguar and Chimera, but unfortunately her superior close combat abilities trumped the Jagguar. The game ended up 10-2, which is the largest defeat I have had in quite some time! At least tough games like that give you a lot to think about and I picked up some tactics to use with my own Nomads.

I was unprepared for the 1st turn rush and was punished for not protecting my Intruder Lieutenant better. In hindsight I should have found the points to upgrade the Mobile Brigada to have a multi-rifle, as that would make for another potential Lieutenant which would hopefully deter Lieutenant assassination attempts. I also think when I went into Loss of Lieutenant I should have used two command tokens to turn one irregular order back to regular and then make a coordinated order to put models on suppressive fire, as this would have greatly helped my defence in Ian’s turn 2.


Game 3

The last round I was facing Tohaa, playing Annihilation on a dense urban board. The Tohaa won the initiative roll and decided to go first. As I was going second and the table was dense, I decided to castle up. I put most of my models prone on the roofs of buildings, or in windowless buildings. To my surprise my opponents hold back model was a Gorgos! In hindsight if you are going to face a TAG it’s likely to be in Annihilation, but at the time I was totally taken off guard by this. Still I was going to keep to my plan of conserving my own army whilst completing my classified objectives. Hopefully along the way I would put some hurt on my opponent, but that was a secondary concern. I used a command token to reduce the Tohaa order pool by two orders and we started our game.


Table for Game Three

The first turn saw the Gorgos go after an Alguacil and Clockmaker. As to be expected the Grogos gunned them down. In return the Clockmaker managed to take down the Chaska helper. After causing this damage the Grogos retreated back toward the Tohaa deployment zone and went onto suppressive fire.

With a reduced order pool the Tohaa first turn was nowhere near as deadly as feared. I went about getting my classified objectives using a Prowler to go a place D-Charges on a crate and activate them. I then moved a Salyut up to the unconscious Chaska and coup de grace the poor thing. This secured me 4 objective points. My Prowler then attacked a Gao Rael, killing him off.

The second Tohaa turn saw a Makaul go after the Prowler. After using several orders the Makaul reached combat with the Prowler and took revenge, killing the prowler with his viral close combat weapon. The rest of the turn saw a Tohaa link team advance, whilst the Grogos remain on suppressive fire.

With my classified objectives accomplished I started feeling a bit cocky and I instigated a sniper duel between my Intruder and the mercenary Le Muet. With surprise attack putting the odds into my favour, as well as an addition attack dice I thought this would go well. Sadly it did not and my intruder Sniper (once again) was killed. Even worse there was a medic right next to the intruder, which I could not use as the intruder suffered two wounds. With this going badly I castled up again and awaited the Tohaa final turn.

The Tohaa link in the centre went after a Zero, killing him with a heavy flamer hit. The Gorgos moved near my High Value Target and declared that Secure the HVT classified objective was being selected.

As it was the last turn I revealed the Spektre, which had been hiding in hidden deployment all game (I did say I was castling up!). The rest of my turn saw me trying to kill of the odd Tohaa model, whilst trying to not lose anymore myself. I did however see an opportunity for a major point swing, as the Gorgos has moved close to my Intruder Lieutenant. I used my Jaguar to lay down covering smoke and used my Intruder to make a surprise attack using his light flame thrower against the Gorgos. The odds were against this working, as the Gorgos could dodge (albeit only on a 7 or less) as well as easily make his armour save. Fortunately for me the Gorgos failed both rolls and succumbed to its weakness of fire. That was one exceptionally fortuitous (and lucky) shot which bagged me extra victory points and an extra Objective Point. The game ended 7 – 5 (I think), which all things considering I was very happy about.


The Results

In total I managed to get a 17pts, putting me in 4th place, although both the 1st and 2nd place positions were incredibly far ahead! I was very happy with this result, especially considering I have not used my Nomads all that much in 3rd and these were untested list. I am really keen to keep playing with my Nomads and develop my tactics with them. I’d like especially like to look into playing Corregidor as those new Jaguar models look fantastic and are fun to play with!

I’d also like to say that the tournament was very well run by Peter. I’d highly recommend any of his events and hope to go to more in the future.

Read more reviews of the tournament from fellow local gamer Lee and tournament organiser Peter.