But there are monstrously large Antipodes and their genetically cross-breed humans!


After few (highly generous) Birthday and Christmas presents latter and I have the Ariadna force you see below. It includes an Antipode Assault Pack, 2 Dog Warriors (with 2 Dog Faces), Tank Hunter, Veteran Kazak, 3 Kazaks with rifles, 4 Wulvers and an Authorized Bounty Hunter.


I will be using my Ariadna force in the Slow Grow that I am running for my local club. We are starting at 150pts and building up to 300pts over a 8 week period. This should be the perfect way to get into playing Ariadna (i.e. fighting with low tech!) whilst leaning all the new 3rd Edition rules.

I also brought Ariadna camo Silhouettes and LoS Silhouettes as my own Christmas treat from Customeeple, as there was free postage on Christmas day. If you have not seen their Infinity accessory and terrain range before, I’d highly recommend checking Customeeple out! I absolutely love Customeeple camo Silhouettes for my Combied Army and Nomads and did a review of them a while ago. To summarize they add a lot of character to your games and help you remember how high your camo markers are.


I was both highly surprised and massively impressed that Customeeple added new style Antipode camo Silhouettes to my order. I did not even know that they were available! These make a lot more sense in 3rd edition where the camo marker retains the base size and height of the model underneath it, so you may as well show that they are Antipodes as there is no other alternative! Plus it means you remember just how tall those Antipodes are, even when camouflaged.


I also ordered the LoS Silhouettes. I think these are a great accessory to resolve those tricky LoS situations, especially important for tournament games. There are several companies producing similar products, but as far as I know this is the only one that has a template to mark the exact location of the model, so you can accurately switch between model and LoS Silhouette. All of this and they are a very reasonable price!


I have also started the new year with having my own gaming room! It’s definitely given me an enthusiasm boost to work on my table and paint my terrain. In fact my new year resolution is to get my table and this room looking good!