With the release of Inifnity third edition we have also been spoilt with the profiles for the new Combined Army Starter! This starter set includes absolutely stunning models, showing off the new artistic direction for the Combined Army.


Umbra Legate

In my opinion the Umbra Legate is the star of the set, both in terms of the model and it’s profile. The Umbra Legate has a very high weapon skill and martial arts level 4, combine this with a Double Action close combat weapon and you have a real master in close quarters! The Umbra Legate also has a move of 6-2 and Forward Deployment to help it close the distance on it’s target (it definitely leads from the front!). Most importantly with the changes to close combat in N3, you can expect this model to actually want to get into close combat!

When it comes to ranged weapons, the Umbra Legate has the fantastic options of K1 rifle, spitfire or boarding shotgun. Both the K1 rifles and spitfire option can be the lieutenant, whereas the boarding shotgun profile has a Hacking Device Plus. In fact the boarding shotgun profile with Hacking Device Plus is my personal favorite. I can’t wait to use the Cybermask program to advance the Umbra Legate up the table, as well as using White Noise to get the jump on enemy models with MSV’s!


The Umbra Legate is not the toughest model, with only an armor value of 1, but Mimetism and No Wound Incapacitation should add a lot to it’s resilience. Overall this is a fantastic model with a lot of mid-range offensive potential from the K1 and Spitfire profile, as well as utility combined with close range offensive firepower from the hacker profile.

Unidron Batroids

The Unidron form the equivalent of line infantry for this set and look like mini Anathematics, which I think is fantastic! Unidron are reasonable priced at 14pts each, the same as a Morat Vanguard. It’s interesting to compare the two, as the Unidrons have more damage output from their plasma Carbine but are far worse at dodging due to their low PH and negative modifier for being a remote. The Unidron are also terrible in close combat and have a low WIP. On the plus side the Unidron have a high BTS (which is especially useful as they are hackable) and the dogged special rule (which in N3 works in the active and reactive turn!). Unfortunately Unidron can not be the Lieutenant (being remotes after all), which reduces the number of potential models to hide the identity of the real Lieutenant.


As for weapon load out, as mentioned the Unidron start with Plasma Carbines. The Plasma Carbine is an absolutely lethal weapon, especially as the Blast Mode prevents the target from adding the cover modifier to their amour save. However it is the Plasma Sniper profile that really peaks my interest. This weapon combines the fantastic long range of a sniper rifle with the devastating damage of plasma amo. To top it off as a remote the Unidron can be augmented by a hacker to have Marksman level 2 or increased burst in the reactive turn. Either of these could be deadly on any Unidron, but absolutely phenomenal on one with a Plasma Sniper Rifle. The only downside to both Plasma Carbines and Plasma Sniper Rifle is the low burst of 2. Still I can safely say that I will be picking the sniper model up as soon as it comes out!

On the offense the spitfire profile also looks great. The Tinbot profile makes the Unidron an even harder target to hack, but for 3pts it’s not super cheap. However if Unidron are aloud to form links within the upcoming EI sectorial, this option will be very tempting. The K1 rifle profile is another solid option, but I think I would prefer the plasma carbine in the majority of situations.

Fraacta Drop Unit

The “evil Tohaa” are the new additions to the Combined Army. The models certainly don’t disappoint and I don’t think the profiles do either. The Fraacta Drop Unit is on the expensive side for a drop trooper (although fairly standard for the Combined Army), but with effectively two wounds you really are getting a lot for your points. Stat wise they are very similar to the Gao-Tarsos, so expect them to be just as deadly as this feared Tohaa unit. Personally I think the boarding shotgun and spitfire version really stand out, but I’d like to try the hacker variant as well (although the WIP of 12 might be an issue).



These are surprisingly similar to Djanbazan, which is no bad thing as any troop with MSV2 that can get back up after being shot is good in my books! The addition of sixth sense level 1 is also a nice touch. All the profiles look to be very playable, but it’s the HMG and Multi Sniper Rifle profile that really stand out for me. The hacker profile is not a bad option either, as the Maakrep has a nice BTS of 3.

Final Thought

The Combined Army starter set is an interesting mix of troops and abilities that looks like a lot of fun to play with. I expect the army to be highly aggressive, just as you would expect from the Combined Army! It’s also interesting that all the models in the set have a BTS value of at least 3, which fits the fluff of them primarily fighting against Tohaa and their viral weapons.


If you are playing wisiwig with the starter set you may find it a bit restrictive. This is because of the Umbra Legate and Fraacta Drop Unit, as the former must be the Lieutenant and the latter a hacker. However starter sets really are just to get your collection going, rather than being a completely rounded force. Also if you don’t mind proxying you could open a few options up with the Maakrep becoming the Lt. As your collection grows I would expect a model with Mnemonica to be added, which would not only get round the “obvious Lieutenant” issue, but also the need for a hacker to field the Unidron.

As for the sculpts, all the models in the starter set get a “5 out of 5” from me and I will certainly be picking them up. I am really looking forward to seeing how my turquoise color scheme suits these models!