This week has seen the release of the highly anticipated Infinity 3rd edition. Some lucky folks have already received their shinny new rule-book, but as an early Christmas present the Corvus Belli have provided the free pdf of the rules (well ahead of the rumored schedule!). Thankfully I have had this week off work to start digesting all the new rules and even had my first bash of 3rd edition last night!

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To get a taste of N3 (as it’s commonly called now) me an my opponent used all the Operation Icestorm models for the basis of our list and then expanded the armies up to 200pts. For my Nomads I added a Morlock and Interventor, whereas the the Pan-O player added a Bolt Hacker to his list. Rather than giving a blow my blow account of the game, I thought I’d give my first impressions of some of the new rules.

Command Tokens:

As an entirely new aspect of N3 I was really excited to give the new command tokens a go. As I went second I opted to use the strategic use of command tokens to reduce my opponents order pool by 2. This looks to relly balance out going first or second and should help reduce first turn rushes.

Latter on in the game my opoenent went into Loss of lieutenant, but was able to largely mitigate this by using his command tokens to change his irregular orders to regular. This was a real change from 2nd edition where going into LOL basically meant losing an entire turn!


Many of the new weapon ranges were released over the last few months, but this was the first true test of them. It seems clear that each weapon has it’s ideal range. As such I think a large part of N3 will be about getting your models into favorable range bands whilst putting your opponent into have less favorable range bands. Whats great about the new weapon ranges, is that no one weapon fits all situations. In addition there are no super expensive weapons, in particular muti-rifles and sniper rifles have all been reduced in points.

Considering the new weapon ranges, I used less dense terrain than usual. After all a sniper rifle needs to be over 16″ from it’s target to be effective, so a table definitely needs some long fire ranges. This worked quite well, but I will have to do further testing.



Wow these have changed massively! In 2nd edition hackers were primarily used to immobilize Heavy Infantry and TAG’s whilst protecting your own. Hackers still retain their ability to immobilize Heavy Infantry and TAG’s, but now offer so much more. In particular the hacking device plus has some really nice extra programs.

In the game my Interventor made a massive impact. This includes putting an ORC Troop into the isolated state (which caused the LOL), using Cybermask to make a suprise attack and (my personal favorite) using White Noise to prevent a nasty Nisse Sniper from firing at my Nomads! I think it’s safe to say that Hackers are a toolbox of options that will allow for some very interesting tactics. I am looking forward to trying out more hacking programs, in particular to boast my remotes!


I only used a single Morlock, but I do have some doubts about the effectiveness of Warband in N3. On the plus side they can throw grenades further and close combat is more effective. On the downside extreme impetuous (which many warband have) can only be canceled if a regular order is spent, which is a very large sacrifice! Also impetuous models can not gain cover, so their survivability is markedly reduced.

Looking at the armament of most warband I am more tempted to pay to upgrade the chain rifles to shotguns. This is mainly because chain rifles are easily dodged, whereas shotguns are absolutely lethal. I am keen to test Warband out further, so have far from set my mind on them, but my first impressions is that they have taken a hit compared to 2nd edition.


Initial Impression:

N3 has a lot more changes that I was expecting, but they all look really well thought out. I certainly thought that the game played even better than before. Not only that but it looks like the game balance is also even better than before, In particular it seems that not only are all troops usable/competitive, but so are the majority of the their profiles. For example Intruders are widely accepted as very effective Nomads troop. However in 2nd edition the sniper profile was very expensive and lacked the offensive potential of the HMG variant. In N3 both options, although very different, now look interesting and highly usable.

I am certainly keen to delve further into N3 and can’t wait to play some more games!