I saw a very interesting (and somewhat inflammatory!) graphic, highlighting the difference in terrain density between Europe and America. The graphic is obviously made to be funny (which I think it is), but really shows how the terrain density is at least perceive to be played differently across the world.



My own experience of terrain density is that in friendly games I tend to play on very dense to medium density tables (despite technically living in Europe!). However at tournaments I find terrain can vary a lot, with some tables having some exceptionally light density. I think others also find this, as I have heard of players building one list for dense terrain tables and another for light terrain over trying to build lists that are better suited to the specific missions at that tournament. I think this highlights just how much of an impact terrain density has on the game.

I personally find the best tables to play on have areas of both heavy and light density. This way long ranged troops and short ranged troops can both be used effectively, without either being overpowering or disappointing. This is however easier said than done!

So the question is, what terrain density would you say that you play on?