This month we have another set of fantastic Inifnity miniatures.  As in previous months I will rate the models using the “Schreiber scale” (basically between 1 and 5).



This is the second Kotail to be released (the duel combi rifle version was released last month). This version combines the devastating fire power of a spitfire with the speed and mobility you expect and now fear from a Kotail. In addition the holoprojector level 2 makes this model a major threat.

As for the model, I think I slightly prefer the Kotail with combi rifle but I still highly rate this model. I think this is a solid sculpt in a fairly dynamic pose considering it’s just holding it’s gun in two hands. For these reason I give the model a score of 4.




The Tokusetsu is the JSA medic. The Tokusetsu’s profile is not much to shout about, in fact they have a bad BS of 10. Still the Tokusetsu makes for a decent cheap specialist.

The model itself is far more outstanding, as I think this is a really cool sculpt. I have always been a fan of the MC hammer trousers, but the thin legs of the Tokusetsu make these even more pronounced. The rest of the model is just very well sculpted in a decent pose, so I rate this model a score of 3.




When I saw the previewed 3D renders I was very excited about this sculpt. The backpack feed HMG looks very impersive and the model had a look of Iron man about him. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed by the slenderness of the final model, especially the legs. I feel a bit harsh for complaining about this, but for me it really takes away from an otherwise cool model. For this reason I am unfortunately giving this model a 2. Such a shame as I really wanted to rate it higher.

On the plus side if you do take a Janissarie it’s a good idea to take the HMG, so at least this model is very playable.




The Warcor is more for fun than an actual gaming model, although it can help a lot with promotion rolls in Campaign Paradiso. You could also make some great missions based on rescuing a Warcor, or trying to assassinate one!

I think the Warcor is a solid model, in a far more dynamic pose than I had expected. I am also pleased to see the addition of the small flying camera bot. It’s a nice touch. Personally I won’t be buying a Warcor, but it’s a decent sculpt so I give it a score of 3.




I covered my thoughts on the previewed 3D renders in another post and I am happy to say that the actual Dog-Warriors models do not disappoint! The models are very finly sculpted and have a feel of raw aggression.  The Dog-Warriors are my pick of the month, as they simply look stunning. The new Dog-Warriors are a massive improvement on the older ones and adds a lot to the Russian Ariadna range.

I must note that the paint work on these models is also top notch. I am particularly impressed by the tattoos, which match on the human and Dog-Warriors. I have no doubt that I will be picking these models up, so give them a definite 5!