This week sees the start of an all new UK Infinity podcast, so I thought I’d have a run down of the podcast that I listen to.
Totally Crit
This is the brand new Infinity podcast made by UK players, which is its real selling point to me as I based in the UK. It’s great to hear about UK events and from gamers that you (at least vaguely) recognise from the tournament scene or their ITS ranking. In fact the Hydra crew who present this podcast dominated the last tournament I went to, so I have no doubt that they know their stuff!

The first episode touched on how they got into Infinity and recent Infinity news, which is all interesting stuff in my books. I think the group showed good chemistry and I hope this is the first of many podcast by them. I certainly look forward to hearing more about the UK Infinity scene!

Mayacast may have only officially started in April this year, but the host have plenty of experience gained from the O-12 podcast which they presented. This podcast provides excellent tactical knowledge, painting tips and upcoming Infinity news directly from Corvus Belli. They even give Infinity themed cocktail recipes!

The presenters provided a nice mix between the level headed and thorough Tom Schadle and the enthusiastic and equally talented Kip. I especially like how they rate each moths Infinity releases, an idea I have stolen for my own blog! Tom Schadle’s painting is also stunning, so well worth looking on the Mayacast blog.

This is my current go to podcast and I highly recommend checking it out.

Before Mayacast, there was O-12. The line up may have fluctuated, but the real meat of the podcast (in my opinion) was Tom and Kip.  O-12 is especially good for giving overview of factions, sectorials and rules and so really worth a listen to for newer players.

Unfortunately with Tom starting up Mayacast, O-12 does not seem to be updating at the moment. Perhaps it will in time, as Kip is still technically part of it. Regardless of it’s current status, this podcast remains a fantastic resource.


The Krug

What happens if you talk about Infinity and get drunk at the same time? Well, The Krug of course! This two drink minimum podcast (that’s for the presenters, although I think listeners are encouraged to as well!) provides an interesting mix of brilliant tactics, drunken ramblings and insanely funny jokes. In fact think the joke about the bootleg Joan of Arc and tentacles actually made me laugh out loud at work…

But don’t be fooled, Just because the presenters are getting drunk and spend a lot of time talking about Kum Bikers and Exrah codpieces does not mean there is no depth to the podcast. Far from it in fact, the presenters really know there stuff. If you want a laugh and tactics at the same time this is the podcast for you. I highly rate it!