There were some (slightly dodgy) images floating around of Kornak this weekend, but here are the professional shoots from CB!


I have been eagerly awaiting this model, as he it has a fantastic stat line and background. It’s safe to say that the sculpt more than exceeds my expectations! In particular the sculpt has an air of authority and brutality, perfect for a Morat commander! You may notice that rather distinctively Kornak is an albino, which really makes him stand out.

On the table you really won’t regret taking Kornak (I have proxied him several times!). Although Kornak is medium infantry, he acts more like heavy infantry as he has no wound incapacitation. To top is off a massive BTS of -9, which wonderfully protects him from viral. On the offense his MK12 is exceedingly deadly, as Kornak has a very high BS of 14.


Kornak makes a fantastic addition to both Morats and vanilla Combined Army. In Morat Aggression Force he is a great lieutenant option and can link with Suryats and then Raktoraks to form very deadly and reasonably priced link teams. Kornak is such a brutal fighter he is still worth considering in vanilla Combined Army. Also, On a side note, if you do use Kornak in a vanilla Combined Army any Cadmus will appreciate copying his stat lines!