Here is my (almost) monthly review and ramblings on the latest Inifnity releases. As in previous months I will rate the models using the “Schreiber scale” (basically between 1 and 5).


It’s the re-sculpts that these models deserved and what a fantastic job Corvus Belli have done! I really like how they look are obviously wolf like, but retain an alien proportion in the head. From a fluff perspective you can see why these would give the colonizers of Ariadna issues!

Antipode Assault Pack

Antipode Assault Pack

The three Antipodes are all based of the same computer generated sculpt and then repositioned, which is pretty amazing when you consider how varied the poses are. I think these are the stars of the the month and easily get a 5. In fact at the very least I want to buy one Antipode, even though I don’t play Ariadna. However these are the sort of models that make you want to start a new faction, perhaps something new for me in 2015?

On the table antipodes are a fearsome sight as they are very fast and can easily gang up on people in combat. There camo also allows them to get across the table safely, although the controller can use her smoke launcher if needed (if she is not hiding somewhere!). Antipodes also have the sensor ability, which allows them to detect hidden troops and reveal camo markers. This is a great way to avoid any nasty surprises, as well as to help mitigate for the lack of MSV2/3 in Ariadna. Basically if you play vanilla Ariadna, you should pick these up!



Morat players have another Raktorak to play with, this time armed with the best shot gun in the game! The Vulcan shotgun profile is already playable, but looks to have a major boast in 3rd as it will receive a mighty +6 bonus within 8″.


The model itself is really dynamically posed, portraying a lot of aggression and strength. In fact I slightly prefer this model to the one in the starter box, but I rate both a 5 on the “Schreiber” scale. It will only be a matter of time until I pick this new Raktorak up!

The only downside to having two amazing Raktorak models, is that there is currently only one Suryat model to link with! Linking with heavy infantry is what really make Raktorak stand out, so they will become more useful once we see more Suryat sculpts or perhaps even the eagerly awaited Kornak Gazarot!


Ghulam Special Weapon Pack

Ghulams are the generic line troop of the Haqqislam, playable in both vanilla are the current two sectorials. As such this weapon pack is a great bonus to all Haqqislam players.


The models themselves are very crisp and clean. I would however say that they do not have as much character as the current Ghulams with rifles. Because of this I will rate the new Ghulam pack a 4 as although they are fantastic, they are not so amazing that I have to buy them.



After seeing the artwork for Thamiris I was very excited to see the model. Unfortunately I feel that the art work set my expectations so high, that this model really feels like it has fallen short. In fact I plain don’t like this model, so i am going to have to give it my first 1. It feels really harsh to rate the model so lowly, but I think it is below the standard that I expect from Corvus Belli.


Even if you agree with my rating of this model, I am sure it will still sell well. This is because it has some very interesting rules. First off Thamiris is a fantastic hacker with a high will power and decent BTS. What really sets him apart is that he has markers, so can shoot deployable repeaters. This allows Thamiris to safely extend his hacking influence across the table. That said Thamiris is not completely unarmed for combat either, as he has a very nice assault pistol. This does mean that Thamiris will not want to get into any long range firefight (and by that I mean over 8″!), but why should he when he can safely hack using his repeaters? To top it off Thamiris even has no wound incapacitation. All this and Thamiris is only 29pts!


Zuyong Invincible

I’ll admit that I know very little about this model, but I do know it looks amazing!

zuyong invincible

I really like the style Corvus Belli are taking with this Heavy Infantry. Apparently the design is based on Sun Tzu. This is yet another example of why computer aided sculpting is so amazing. As soon as one model is created it can be used as a template for other models in the range, which will instantly share the same great aesthetics

This model has been done to a very high standard, so I have to give it a 4. I am very keen to see what other models comes out for the new sectorial this model will belongs to.