Here is a report from the mini ITS tournament I played in this weekend. It was great fun, especially the last game when the drink started flowing! I will be writing my own mini report on the day soon!:)


This weekend, myself and three friends had a little ITS event at my flat. There’s enough space in our open plan living room/kitchen area to put up a second 4×4 table, and luckily, my friend Adam’s table is completely collapsible and (fairly) easy to transport.

We’d been planning this event for quite a while, and July 12th was the date settled on where we could all get together to game. We’d discussed before the day which missions we would play, and we’d divided the cost of a full tournament pack between us, which meant we all got something out of it too (aside from bragging rights over who the best player was!)

The missions we would be playing were Lifeblood, Seize the Antennae and Quadrant Control – two objective-based missions and one more kill-oriented.

Lifeblood is an interesting one due to the random nature of the Crate Drops, and also…

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