The new profile and rules for the Spetsnazs, Interventors and Fast Pandas are out!



Interventors and Fast Pandas

The Interventors have gained the option of being armed with a Boarding Shotgun, which is a nice addition but will be far from game changing. What is really new and exciting is the Fast Pandas! Quite simply they are repeaters that move up to 8″ once deployed by using a short skill from the  Interventors . The Fast Panda will really increase the hacking threat range of the Interventors as well as set up more areas where heavy infultry and TAGs will dare to tread! For a mere 2pts I can see just about every Interventor having one of these cute little companions!


The Spetsnazs has one hell of a profile, I expect these will be a firm favorite of many Ariadna players! I am really surprised  all versions of the Spetsnazs have the Marksmanship L2 rule, even when armed with a HMG. I personally would have preferred it if only the sniper version of the Spetsnazs had Marksmanship L2. Because of this I expect that we will see mostly HMG armed Spetsnazs, which is a real shame (I totally called that one wrong!).

So what makes the Spetsnazs so nasty? Well with the Marksmanship L2 rule the Spetsnazs will often be hitting on 15, making it incredibly accurate. Combine this with camo and we have a model that will win most of the fire fights that it’s in. To top of the fire power of the Spetsnazs, it’s also surprisingly decent in combat. Close combat may not come up to often, but it’s nice to know that the Spetsnazs can hold its own in a fist fight.

The other new rule for the   Spetsnazs is ambush. The ambush rule looks really cool, as it will add even more camo mind game shenanigans to Ariadna. The parachutist Spetsnazs  profile also looks deadly, although it has tough competition from the very cheap para-commando.

On paper the I think the Spetsnazs looks fearsome (in fact it’s probably on par with renowned Tankhunters!), however I do think it is at least fairly priced.  After all the  Spetsnazs  cost a fair few points for a model with only one wound and an armour value of 2. Only time will tell how deadly/balanced they really are!