It’s unusual to get a rule leaked by Corvus Belli, but apparently Bell of Lost Souls has information on the new marksmanship skill. The marksmanship skill will be used by the new Spetsnaz unit, but also hints to the possible future for snipers in the upcoming third edition of Infinity.



I am taking this leak with a pinch of salt, but it’s interesting none the less. Anyway, the new rule looks like this:

Marksmanship Level 1

A model with this special skill will treat all BS weapons with a damage rating as though they are firing Shock Ammunition.
The Shock Special Ammunition provided by Marksmanship can be combined with any other special ammunition loaded by the BS Weapon. However, this special skill cannot be applied to non-leathal weapons (i.e. smoke grenade launchers, flash pulse, etc).

Marksmanship Level 2

When a model with Marksmanship level 2 declares a BS Attack (regardless of the weapon being lethal), the model can ignore the -3 modification to their BS Attribute when the opponent is behind partial cover.The two level stack as usual for Infinity.

What’s The Verdict?

On the table this means that the Spetsnaz will have shock amo (great for putting enemy’s with No Wound Incapacitation down!), plus ignore the ballistic skill penalty for cover.  This will greatly improve the accuracy and killing power of the Spetsnaz. This is the first time I have seen a rule that specifically ignores cover (when rolling to hit anyway), which is a massively important in Infinity. As such, I have no doubt that this will be a very deadly rule!

If more models with sniper rifles get this rule we could see a greater balance between them and HMGs, which are often preferred. This is of course wild speculation, but it’s always fun to see hints of what the third edition of Infinity might include!