With the release of the new Wood Elf book I decided to re-visit my old collection and the game of Warhammer Fantasy.

I have not played Warhammer Fantasy for many years (probably over 5), but did enjoy it “back in the day”.  As I  own a decent sized painted Wood Elf force, I thought I would take the “risk” and buy the new army book. When you consider how much money and time it would take to start a Warhammer army from scratch, purchasing the Army Book to find out if I still enjoyed the game seemed like a small risk.

Wood Elves

Wood Elves

I have always enjoyed the background of the wood elves and the new book provides even more fluff than before. I really like how the Wood Elves are neither wholly evil or good, but they are far from neutral! Instead a Wood Elf can be as noble as a High Elf, or as wicked as a Dark Elf. This is reflected perfectly in the rules by the wizards having access to both high and dark magic.

The relationship between the forest spirits and the elves has also been fleshed out. I particularly like the story around the Treeman Elder Coeddil, who was imprisoned by the elves after he tried to kill off Orion (he went a bit mental!). The fluff goes on to show how Drycha collected artifacts and used them to unchain Coeddil. This is the sort of background that can inspire an entire unique army!

Game wise, from what I have heard (from podcasts) and read (from blogs) the new Wood Elves look to be a balanced army book where the vast majority of units are playable. If any units suffered it’s probably the Dryads and Treekin, who have notably have been reduced in strength. The winners are probably the Waystalkers, Wild Riders and Waywatchers. However it’s still early days since the release of the army book, so I suspect much of what I have heard is simply theory.

I have already repaired my Wood Elf army, as bits were been broken during their long “hibernation”. I am looking forward to giving Warhammer Fantasy a go again, hopefully I will enjoy it once more!