Images of the new Sun Tze model for the Yu Jing have been released. Once again this is a re-sculpt of one of the older Infinity models and once again it’s a vast improvement. I think the new Sun Tze model is simply fantastic.

Syn Tze

Syn Tze

In the game Sun Tze looks very impressive. He is an elite heavy Infantry with a an armor of 5 and 2 wounds plus No Wound Incapacitation. This puts Sun Tze resilience on par with Asuras and Charontids, however Sun Tze goes a steep further, as he has Total Immunity. After facing Karakuri, this is an ability I have learnt to fear! Total Immunity will make Sun Tze very difficult to kill as special ammunition , commonly the bane of heavy infantry, has no special effect against him. On the offense Sun Tze is perhaps a little lacking for such an expensive model, with a BS of 13 and Multi-Rifle. However this will be sufficient to deal with most opponents.

Sun Tze literally write the book on war, so fittingly he has Strategos Level 3! This allows your force to have a significant tactical advantage by placing up to two models in reserve, whilst your opponent can not put any model in reserve. The only disadvantage of using Strategos, is it will be obvious that your lieutenant is Sun Tze. This makes him a very high priority for your opponent to kill. Thankfully, as mentioned, Sun Tze is very resilient.

The new Sun Tze model actually has a shotgun, so we should see the stats for this option soon. Sun Tze is a really impressive model both in terms of rules and the miniature. I expect we will see more players drawn to Yu Jing, just because of the quality of this model!