There are many ways to play Inifnity, it’s definitely one of the charms of the system. My regular opponent Lee did a marvellous blog post on this topic that is well worth a read. Following on from this blog I would like to say that I strongly agree that new players are best off playing YAMS. However if you are interested in playing ITS below is an overview and some pointers.



List Building with Primary Objective in Mind

The majority of ITS missions require specialist to complete the primary objective. Within the current ITS 2014 this includes Doctors, Engineers, Forward Observers, Hackers, Paramedics and troops possessing the Chain of Command Special Skill. It’s worth noting that in previous ITS seasons lieutenants were also treated as specialist, however this is not the case in ITS 2014. However Doctors and Paramedics now being specialist does somewhat compensate for this.

I would recommend taking at least 4 specialist for a Mid-Tier (300 Army Points) ITS event. For some armies this is easily achieved, like for Nomads. In other forces you have to really look out for the specialist and specificity take units based on this. Generally speaking specialist do not have the heavier weapon load outs, so you often don’t want to take too many at the expense of your armies killing power.

It’s worth considering the quality of which models you use as specialist. For instance you could take cheap specialist (such as a fusilier paramedic or forward observer), or you could take an expensive but powerful specialist (such as a Knights Hospitaller doctor). There is no easy answer, but as a rule of thumb I don’t like to make a model a specialist which I would not usually spend orders on.

Specialist with advanced deployment skills such as infiltrate, Airborne Deployment or Mechanized Deployment are also highly useful as they can reach objectives quickly. Indeed one of my favourite specialist are forward observer infiltrators (e.g. Zeros or The Shrouded).

Morat checking a crate

Morat checking a crate

List Building with Classified Objectives in Mind

As well as your primary objective, in every mission you get the opportunity to accomplish classified objectives. At the start of each game you randomly roll up two classified objectives from a potential list of 6. These classified objectives all require specialist to accomplish them. In most mission the classified objectives are worth 1 tournament point each, however in the Annihilation mission they are even more valuable as they are worth 2 tournament points each.

The classified objectives are often easy tournament points, so you should try to create army list with specialist that can accomplish them. With this in mind in worth trying to include at least one model with the flowing rule/equipment:

  • Hacker
  • Doctor or Paramedic
  • Forward Observer or model with Hacking Device Plus
  • Engineer
  • Model with D-Charges

To give an example of how valuable classified objectives are, in the next ITS tournament I am going to they are worth 25% of the available tournament point. However unlike the other 75% of tournament points, these are “unopposed” as your opponent has their own classified objectives and will not be aware of which classified objectives you are trying to accomplish.

To sum up, if you want to play ITS you are going to need specialist. In addition you are better off taking a mix of specialist so that you can accomplish the classified objectives.

Aragoto reaching an antenna

Aragoto reaching an antenna

ITS Event Format

If you are going to an ITS event you should check out what format the event will follow. The possible ITS events with a quick description are listed below:

  • Standard Tournament: This format pits 4 or more players in one-to-one games over 3 or more tournament rounds. There are no additional tournament rules.
  • Spec Ops Tournament: This format pits 4 or more players in one-to-one games over 3 or more tournament rounds. Players can field a Spec Ops in their tournament lists, which can be customized with 12 Experience Points.
  • Campaign Tournament: This format pits 4 or more players in one-on-one games over 3 or more tournament rounds. At the end of each round, players can use the Objective Points they earned to improve their Spec Ops or unlock Military Specialties as per the Infinity Campaign System (ICS) rules from Campaign Paradiso rulebook.
  • Joint Operations Tournament: This format pits 8 or more players in two-versus-two games over 3 or more tournament rounds. Their are two ways in which the players can split their turns, so it’s worth checking which structure the tournament organiser is using.
  • Mini Tournament: This format pits 2 to 4 players in one-to-one games over 2 or more tournament rounds. This tournament is great for a group of friends.
  • Showdowns Tournament: This format pits 2 or more players in a single one-to-one round. This allows every game you play to count towards your ITS score.

All ITS events can played at different point values. The most common is 300pts, although 200pts is good for new players whereas 400pts is a great way to allow players to get some of the more expensive models (like TAG’s) onto the table.

  • Top-Tier: 400 Army Points and 8 SWC.
  • Mid-Tier: 300 Army Points and 6 SWC.
  • Low-Tier: 200 Army Points and 4 SWC.

For each ITS event each player submits 2 Army Lists, both of one single faction or Sectorial Army.

Sign Up!

Once you have a list suitable for playing within ITS it’s time to sign up! Once you have signed up to the ITS, your ranking will be calculated after each event. It’s nice to see how your ranking changes over time, but I don’t think anyone takes it more seriously than that!