When I started playing Infinity I over looked engineers as they seemed lacklustre. I knew they could repair TAG’s and Remotes (and anything else with a structure value), but this was not enough of a pull to get them into my list. However I started playing missions where specialist were needed (ITS and Paradiso) so started using engineers, albeit with the simple aim of adding specialist to my list. Since then I have realised that engineers can offer far more than repairing the odd remote ( as useful as that can be at times!).

Tomcat - Engineer

Tomcat – Engineer

Below are a few situations where having an engineer around really helps!

  • Engineers can repair EM damage. This is can be critical as EM damage normally renders most weapons useless as well as TAG’s and heavy infantry immobile! This leaves the model that suffered EM damage incredibly venerable. Having an engineer around to undo the damage can be game changing, as it can bring the effected model back into the game.
  • Similar to EM damage, adhesive amo can essentially remove models from the game without even causing a wound. In the case of adhesive amo it immobilises models that fail a PH roll with a -6 modifier. Adhesive amo can be devastating against TAG’s and heavy infantry as the number of wounds or armour the target model has is irrelevant. Once again an engineer can remove the effects of this type of amo, releasing the effected model.
  • Mines can be a real pain to deal with, as they are hard to detect (being deployed as camo markers) and difficult to dodge when they explode. Mines are especially tricky during missions where there are static objectives, which an opponent could protect by laying mines around it.  Engineers come to the rescue, by de-activating mines. However this is not without its risk as a failed attempt (wip roll) means that the mine explodes. Because of the risk in de-activating mines, G.servent remotes are best to use. After all even if you lose the cheap G.servent model (normally 3pts) the mine is still removed. It’s also worth noting that engineers can remove the template caused by mono-filament mines.
  • Both TO camo and CH camo can be burnt off after taking a hit from a fire-based weapon. If the target model survives the TO camo or CH camo is reduced to just Mimetism. This is a massive change in protection, especially as the effected model can not revert to a camo marker. Engineers come to the rescue, as they can repair the effected camo. Fire damage also disables all levels of the Impersonation Special Skill, Optical Disruption Devices and Holoprojectors. All of which can be only be repaired by a friendly engineer.
  • Engineers can deactivate D-Charges. This is a rare situation as most of the time D-Charges are set off immediately after placing them. However if you are in a position to do so, it’s probably best to send in the G.servent remote just in case the charges go off!
  • Engineers can also deactivate E/Maulers. However in this case you may want the engineer to go and do the dirty work, rather than a  G.servent as the EM damage would immobilise the G.servent.
  • In ITS missions engineers not only provide the role of specialist, so are able to complete many mission primary objectives, but they also allow you to complete two of the classified objectives. This includes Test Run (make an engineer roll) and Sabotage (use D-charges on a piece of terrain within the opponents half of the table). Over the course of a ITS the classified objectives can add up to a lot of tournament points, so it’s well worth having models that can achieve them!

Considering all the jobs that Engineers can do, I think they are worth taking in any list which has remotes, heavy infantry or TAG’s. I also think engineers are highly useful in any objective based mission (where mines can prove a complete pain), but especially within ITS games. I also think it’s worth taking G.servent remotes to both expand the area an engineers can influence as well as for completing the more dangerous tasks!

Obsidon Medchanoid

Obsidon Medchanoid

As a Nomad and Combined Army player I have access to some great engineers. My personal favourite engineers are the Obsidon-Medchanoid and the Tomcat. The Obsidon-Medchanoid has a high wip of 14 and a move of 6-4, so is fast and succeeds in engineer rolls 70% of the time. In addition the Obsidon-Medchanoid is a doctor! The Tomcat is unique as it’s an engineer with Airborne Deployed level2 and climbing plus. This gives the model excellent mobility to get to where her skills are most needed.

To sum up engineers can be used not only to repair models, but also to repair damage caused by special amo and weapons as well as deal with some deployable weapons. With all these advantages I don’t often take a list without an engineer, especially if I am playing ITS!