So let’s address the elephant in the room, the new Tyrnaid book is getting panned on the internet, really panned! Just reading through the changes you can easily find a lot of faults within the new book and much fewer obvious benefits. If you want to check out the changes on the new codex there is a handy summary on the Tyrnaid forum.

Rather than give my “theory-hammer” reviewing the whole new nid book, I wanted to play with the new codex to see the changes first-hand. In order to do so I organised a 2000pts game to test out the new rules. This blog post looks at making a “all comers” list that tries to concentrates on the benefits of the new book, well within the scope of my model collection anyway! I will try to stay on topic of why I chose the units I did without moaning about other too much (although it’s hard not to moan at all!). There will be another post that gives a after game list evaluation.


Creating the list


A lot of the staples from the last codex have taken a serous nerfing, including Tyranid Primes (now very expensive) and Tervigons (expensive and much reduced in capabilities). Instead of using either of these I added another staple from the last codex, the flying Hive Tyrant with twin linked devorers. The Tyrant has lost access to bimoancy, but the upgrades have been reduced in points (possibly most importantly the wing options), plus the BS of 4 is good. I added electroshock grubs to the Tyrant as these looked to be highly useful if I faced any vehicle squadrons, or simply for flushing out light troops.


Both gaunts are cheaper than before, so were the obvious troops choice. Plus none of other troops choices in the codex appealed, mostly as none of the issues they had in the last codex have been resolved (specifically warriors and stealers still look poor).

I went for a mix of Temagants and Hormagaunts purely because that’s the models I have. In an ideal world I think all Hormagaunts would be better, although not essential.



Even with the BS of 3, I still liked the look of Hive guard so added a unit. Zoanthropes looked better as they went down significantly in points and get a “backup” power. For the third slot a Venomthrope just seemed too good to miss up on. The Venomthrope really has improved since the last edition; I can see most list including a few.


Being 5pts cheaper than before, Shrikes seemed like a good deal. I would normally upgrade my shrikes to be armed with bone swords, but I noticed that they had gone up significantly in points. Instead I went for rending claws and toxin sacs. These Shrikes worked out at 7pts cheaper compared to the old codex. To top it off the Shrikes get an extra attack, rather than re-rolling 1’s from the scything talons. Overall they have been improved.

I added a unit of Ravener, as I had the models. Although slightly faster than Shrikes, I think these fellas have stiff competition from them. In the end I wanted to see if their speed from fleet and an Initiative of 5 was worth losing synapse.

The Hive Crone went into the list straight away as it is an awesome model. However its rules looked interesting as it gives Tyranids more anti-air capabilities. In addition it’s still a fast, if slightly weak, monstrous creature able to charge devastators and the likes if needed.


As I had no Tyranid Primes or Tervigons I had to look elsewhere to get sufficient synapse into the list. To aid with this I included two Trygon Primes. Going down by 10pts was nice, although probably not justifying the loss of re-rolls from the scything talons.

The Exocrine was another auto-include, as again, the model is amazing. Its plasmic cannon also looked great for dealing with marines as well as light to medium vehicles.

The heavy support section was probably the most hotly contested and difficult to choose. In the end the Trygon Primes won out as they provided synapse. If not, I would have added a Mawlock and possibly even used Carnifex Broods (probably a unit of 2). Biovores are also a good option. Even the Tyrnaofex looked appealing with its markedly reduced points cost.


Final 2000pts Army List

Tyrant with two twin linked devorers, wings and electroshock grubs
18 Temagants
17 Temagants
18 Hormagaunts
18 Hormagaunts
3 Hive guard
3 Zoanthropes
1 Venomthrope
4 Shrikes with rending claws and toxin sacs
4 Ravener with rending claws
Hive Crone
Trygon Prime
Trygon Prime


As expected my new list had some major changes from what I am used to running.

Looking to the positives:

  • The variety in the list came quite naturally.
  • Many points have gone down. In total I think my list is around 200pts cheaper than its equivalent from the last edition.  This puts more bodies on the table, which hopefully increases the chance of getting into combat.
  • Venomthrope look to be remarkably useful now.
  • Firepower in the list has increased as now the Exocrine can help.
  • The anti-air capabilities have improved with the addition of the Crone.

Looking to the negatives

  • Many units are worse than before. Noticeably I wanted to see how bad the loss of scything talons on the Trygon Prime, Biomancy on the Tyrnat and the reduced BS of Hive guard was.
  • As I have decided not to take the nerfed Tervigon the list has no MC in the troops section. This leaves it up to the gaunts to get the objectives! In addition there won’t be any spawned gaunts to replace those that are killed off.
  • As I have decided not to take the overpriced Tyrant Prime, I can’t rely on synapse being “hidden” in a large unit of gaunts. Although my list ended up with five synapse units, they can all be targeted freely. Hopefully this will be sufficient!
  • No turn two alpha strike units like the Doom and Ymargalls. I may well miss these units!