I played a 2000pts game with the new Tyrnaid Codex. My list was described in the previous blog post here. My analysis will take an overview list at how my list faired, as well as some general thoughts on the new codex.


My first game was surprisingly positive, although my expectations where very low! The game ended in a draw,  but the army showed it’s potential. My opponent used Space Marine (Imperial Fists I believe) and we played Dawn of War and Crusade. In my opinion this is one of the most “vanilla” of game set ups, which is a great way to judge the power of a new codex!

Many of the nerfs that I was worried about, where not strongly felt. For example the loss of scything talons on the Trygons did not prevent them tearing apart what ever they touched in combat. I think as many opponent armies have gone down the shooting route it’s better to be cheaper and more numerous, then overly effective in combat. The only nerff that I really noticed was the lost of Biomancy (or more specificity iron arm) as the Hive tyrant died to single volley from a single Storm Raven.

As most of the Tyranids have been reduced in points, I started with a horde of models on the table. Quite simply more models means more chance of getting into combat. In particular hormagaunts where very useful as they are both fast and numerous.

The Hive Guard did the same job as always, even with the BS of 3. If anything the new (and much simpler) ignore cover rule helped as the Hive Guard effectively tore into a unit of scouts.

The Venomthrope was also very useful, although I suspect their effectiveness relies on hiding behind line of sight blocking terrain! In my game I was lucky that there was such a piece of terrain and the Venomthrope was able to conceal itself from the marines firepower. The Venomthrope was able to give shrouded to the Hive Guard and Exocrine through out the game, which made them incredibly resilient!

The Zoanthropes being a brotherhood of psykers means that they are all or nothing with warp blast. On the plus side the blast is shoot from one model, which really helps with their short range! In the game the Zoanthropes only killed a few marines, as they got hit by a stern guard squad. I still think Zoanthropes are worth taking, especially as the gap between them and Hive Guard has been reduced.

Hive Crone

I could not do this post without reviewing the new units. Both the Exocrine and Crone did a marvellous job! The Exocrine killed it’s fair share of marines as well as a few terminators, in addition it is a relay tough firing platform. The Crone also did exactly what I thought it would, provide anti-air. The Crone used it’s vector strike to inflict two penetrating hits on a Storm Raven. With a bit of luck I think the Crone could take down an opponents flyers in a turn using it’s vector strike. If nothing else it will cripple the flyer so another unit can finish it off.

The new Tyrnaid codex seems more about overwhelming the opponent with numbers rather than quality. I think the codex power level is similar to what it used to be, however I think there will only be a few good builds within the book. In my opinion the book is not a complete disaster, but is far from what I wanted!