So after months of rumours on natfka, the Tyranids are now officially here! Check out the Games Worksop website to see full images of the new Tyranids.

For me the Harpy / Hive Crone is the best kit as I like both options. The Haruspex / Exocrine is a mix bag as I really like the Exocrine, but really don’t like the Haruspex. The Hive Guard / Tyrant Guard kit are some where in the middle, as I think they they are decent plastic versions of the latest metal models, however they are not massively better either. The tyranid warriors also fall into the same category, as they really only got a few extra options (such as more weapons and a prime upgrade).

I am intrigued by the new Tyranid codex, if anything gets me playing 40K again it will be this codex!