I thought I would give my own opinions on the Dire-Foes. As I have said before almost every Infinity player now has a Dire-Foe to add to their force, in fact some armies like the Combined Army and Pan-Oceania have the option of more than one Dire Foe! Considering that most of the Dire-Foes are decent fighters as well as specialist troops, they will all be a great asset in ITS missions.

Below is a quick summary of each of the Dire-Foes and what my thoughts are on them.

Dire Foe


This special agent is very interesting, as he’s both good in combat (martial arts level 3 and viral combat weapon) and has a decent chance of making it into base contact with the enemy, which is actually a bit of a rarity in Infinity!  Because of this I would defiantly use the infiltrating version of Yasbir. For starters it will help you get across the table, but this version also has holo projector level 2 which you will need to reach combat!


What really stood out about Konstantinos was that he has both MSV2 and Mimetism; these two rules will put most firefights into Konstantinos favour. Considering all of Konstantinos special rules (MSV2, Mimetism and infiltration) and short ranged weapons (combi-rifle or assault pistol),  I think he would make an excellent skirmisher hunter.

Dire Foe

Aelis Keesan

With the option of viral combi or K1 combi, Aelis Keesan sure packs a punch!  It’s also worth noting that usnaspiringly both weapons are very handy at taking down Hasht.

Aelis Keesan defensive Hacking Device is also a very nice addition and makes great use of her BTS of -3 and WIP 14. You also get this all for only 0.5 SWC, which makes her an effective way to add a decent defensive Hacking device to your Tohaa army. Regeneration also adds to the survivability of Aelis Keesan.


With NWI and Nano-screen this model is really resilient, in fact Hast is really Shasvastii heavy infantry is disguise! However as always with NWI watch out for viral and shock ammunition as they will get round this rule.  On the offensive Hast does not disappoint either, having BS of 13 and a spitfire.

I must point out that Hast is one of the most expensive Dire-Foes. However I think Hast completely justifies he’s points and SWC, just compare him to a Gwailo with spitfire to see what a good deal he is!

Hast  is not only a great fighter for genric Combined Army, but I think he offers something really new to Shasvastii players. The only negative I can think of is that Hast can only form a link with seed Soldiers which are, rightfully, an unpopular option.


Yuriko Oda

A specialist with minelayer is always a good option, as you can secure any objective that you reach. I think Yuriko Oda would work best as part of a Keisotsu fire-team, as they would benefit greatly from her BS12 (seeming they are only a BS of 10). It may be worth noting that although the model has a cool looking samurai sword, the model is not actually good in close-combat.

Isobel McGregor

Nothing too amazing here, although the defensive hacking device could be useful is some cases. I think Isobel would be a nice addition to a volunteer fire-team, but far from essential.



K1 combi rifle and EM grenades makes this morat a TAG and heavy infantry killer. Climbing plus also helps to get the angle on single targets, ideally allowing for attacks out side of their fire arcs. Smoke grenades will also help cover your advance, which may be needed as Anyats threat range is quite short. Anyat smoke grenades are also interesting as it gives the Combined Army a means of using smoke without resorting to impetuous models.

Although Anyat would not disappoint in a link I think her strength lies in acting alone, where she will be able to manoeuvre into position to take down large prey.


Seems overpriced in any game other than that of her Dire-Foe mission. I suspect there will be an amendment to make having a medi-kit and the doctor skill worthwhile, but for now this is just a nice model to use instead of a trauma doc!




I like the fact that he has two great profiles, meaning he can fit well within a fire-team or as an infiltrator. In addition Thrasymedes armour of 3 and ODD makes him really resilient. In my opinion Thrasymedes may be one of the best Dire Foes for his flexibility as a solo fighter or as part of a fire-team as well as his impressive stat line and equipment.

Lupe Balboa

Although a great option for vanilla Nomads, I think Lupe will shine in a Corregidor army. In particular any Intruders will greatly appreciate the smoke. In addition Alguaciles fire-team could use the smoke to aid their defence as well as benefit from a panzerfaust.