The fantastic new Morat Starter Set will be available in January with both re-sculpts and completely new sculpts. This post is aimed at those who also like the new set and how you could build on it to get to 200pts and then 300pts. I must admit that I am a bit envious of anyone getting into Morats right now, the newer models are really great so there has never been a better time!


Morat Aggression Force starter set

The Starter Set

The starter set gives you 6 models (as usual) which adds up to 166pts and 2SWC. The contents are a Sogarat, Oznat, Raktorak and three Vanguard.

In small point games most opponents will struggle to deal with the Sogarat. The Sogarats is incredibly well protected with an armour of 6 and auto-medikit, whilst little will stand up to a hit from a Feuerbach. Indeed the only obvious weakness of the Sogarat is it’s BTS, which is on the low side for such expensive heavy infantry. With this in mind avoid hackers, EM and viral weapons.

The Vanguard are decent, if a expensive line-troops. Still the Vanguard are defiantly worth having, although two would have sufficed.

The Oznat and Raktorak are an interesting choice for Corvus Belli to put into the starter set, as both ideally want to be used with other models that you don’t get in the starter set. For instance both can form fire teams, specificity Pretas and the Oznat and Suryats with the Raktorak. Being armed with a smoke grenade launcher the Oznat is also great when used in conjunction with models with MSV2, such as the Yaogats. However don’t let this put you off the Oznats or Raktorak, as both are worth taking as they have decent stats and weapons to hold their own. However in the future you will probably want to look into the other combinations mentioned.

Finally we need to look at a lieutenant. The Sogarat is the obvious choice for the lieutenant, the only other options being the vanguard but the 2SWC is really off putting. Anyway the Sogarat  being the lieutenant not only fits in with the Morat philosophy of the strongest leading, but is also a good option as he can defiantly take care of himself!


Expanding to 200pts

It’s worth noting that the models I would avoid as well as what I would go for after expanding. I would avoid models that are going to get a re-sculpt, which include the Suryat, Daturazi and any other vanguard model (like the HMG or hacker options).

Spending another 34pts to get up to 200pts is actually more tricky than I expected as many of the obvious options are an annoying 35pts. If you don’t mind a 201pts list, I would consider adding a Rasyat with combi and martial arts, Zerat with a Sniper rifle or a Yaogat with spitfire. However, trying to fit the army properly within 200pts, I would consider a Yaogat with combi and panzerfaust or perhaps the Preta box and upgrading a few of the vanguard to either forward observers or paramedics. The second option may not make for the most points efficient list, but the Pretas are great with the Oznat and will allow you to start with 10 regular orders in your combat group.

Expanding to 300pts

There are many options to go with to get the Morats up to 300pts. The list below is just a suggestion, as it really comes down to the model you like the most.

The first combat group has eight orders, which although a little low, should be sufficient. The second combat group makes use of the Oznat/Preta fire team to give the Rasyat up to 6 orders, allowing the drop troop to wreak the opponents back-lines. The list also has four specialist, so should do fine in ITS style missions.

Combat Group #1
Sogarat Feuerbach Lt (70|2)
Raktorak Combi (27|0)
Morat Combi (16|0)
Morat Combi (16|0)
Morat Combi (16|0)
Kurgat Mk12 (24|0)
Anyat (25|0)
Med-Tech Combi (23|0)

Combat Group #2
Oznat (21|0)
Rasyat Spitfire (40|1.5)
Preta Chain (5|0)
Preta Chain (5|0)
Preta Chain (5|0)
Preta Chain (5|0)