So the photos of the December releases for Infinity are here! See the image below to see what goodies will be available soon (well in January)! Personally I am really impressed by all the models, but it’s the Morat Aggression Force starter set stands out for me.


December releases for Infinity

I think the best model in the Morat Aggression Force starter set is the Sogarat, not only is this a really impressive sculpt but the Feuerbach is an awesome weapon! Interestingly this model is on a large base, which means I may have to re-base my current Sogarat with HMG. I am also a big fan of the Oznat, again both as a model and in terms of rules. Interestingly all the new Morats have a much darker colour scheme, which I really like.

Although I already have three of the now old vanguard, I may still have to get this set! The quality of new sculpts is just that good!