I think the Dire Foe release is geniuses move by Corvus Belli. The release sees each “vanilla” force and many sectorials getting a new model, so that almost every Infinity player has something new to play with. As well as adding a great new model, each Dire Foe set comes with a mission pack. The mission packs are designed with the Dire Foes in mind, but any two Infinity players can have a go at playing them. The mission packs also provide background information on each of the Dire Foes, as well as an overarching background story that leads from Paradiso to the next chapter in the Infinity universe.


I just received my Fleeting Alliance Dire Foe box set, whilst my mate received Rescue on The Train. Like many players out there, we are going to do some Dire Foe swapping, so I will end up with Lupe Balboa, Anyat and the Marine Engineering Officer. I must say that Lupe Balboa and the Marine Engineering Officer models look great “in person”. I have yet to see Anyat, but I am told that she does not disappoint either!

From a gamming perspective both my Combined Army and Nomads have two new models to play with and they certainly look interesting! Looking at their offensive capabilities, Lupe brings the panzerfaust which can add a surprising punch. On the other hand Anyat has the newest weapon in Infinity, the K1 amo combi rifle! This weapon is only accurate within 16”, but it’s really going to hurt any model relying on armour. Indeed with the K1 amo and e/m grenades Anyat is a real “big game” hunter, TAG’S beware!


In addition to being decent fighters in their own right, Dire Foes can be used to form a link team with their respective line troops. Both Anyat and Lupe have smoke grenade which I expect will add a surprising level of reliance to a fire team, especially if they have six sense level2 (so that they can react to models with MSV2 or 3 that shoot through the smoke).  Lupe panzerfaust also benefits a lot from being within a fire team, as it allows you to use the weapon at burst2. Personally I think Lupe is a great addition to any Alguacil fire team, especially considering that buying another 4 Alguaciles is really cheap. Although Anyat would improve a morat vanguard link-team I think she would work just as well on her own, hunting high priority targets. Also morat vanguard links are not overly popular due to the high cost of each vanguard model. Still it’s a nice to have the option!

I am defiantly looking forward to painting my Dire Foe models and trying out the missions included, as they both look very interesting and fun!