I have played both YAMS and ITS missions (you can read my opinion about them here) and are now looking at playing through Paradiso. This blog post is about Paradiso from the outset, before playing it. Hopefully this blog will provide the information for others to see what Paradiso offers but also what you will need to play it.


The Basics

Paradiso is a campaign book that has 16 missions that link together to tell the story of this pivotal stage in the Infinity universe. These missions can also be played as a one off, or as a small campaign (about 3 missions strung together).

The Paradiso book also gives you an experience system that can be used when playing in campaign mode (either a short or long campaign). Experience points can improve your spec opp model or can be used to give army wide benefits.

The Paradiso book also includes the background fluff of Paradiso and rules for new models and weapons.

So what do you need?

Beyond a regular 300pts army, Paradiso does require you to have certain models. In addition having certain terrain can also help. Below is a list of things that I think you will help you to play through Paradiso. This list is just a general guide, based on reading through the missions and forum posts.

  • 2 Engineer models
  • 2 Hacker models
  • 2 Baggage models
  • Spec opp model, which can for fill the requirement of a hackers or engineer above (or even both!)
  • Models that can be upgraded to ITS style specialist, like forward observers
  • Micro Arts Objective Room, or a building that is 8” by 8”
  • G.servant models can also aid in some missions, but are not essential
  • A doctor is highly beneficial, although not essential

Note that technically a lot of mission objectives can be completed by both engineers and hackers; however in some missions one of these will have an advantage. The Wargamming Trader has a much more comprehensive list of mission’s requirements here.

Army List Building

Each mission has its own set of specific requirements, so you will need to tailor your list for each mission. However it’s worth noting the following comes up a lot:

  • Infiltrators and impersonators often have a handicap to using their advanced deployment rules. However getting an infiltrating hacker into the right location looks to be very beneficial!
  • Airborne deployment models can be restricted in where they can enter the board. Again getting a hacker with airborne deployment into the right location looks to be very beneficial!
  • Be cautious about relying on named characters, if they are killed they may not be available throughout the rest of a campaign (if you are playing one).

Initial Thoughts

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Paradiso looks to really spice up your games of Infinity, but it is a bit of a commitment in terms of getting (or proxying) the models you need to complete each mission as well as tailoring your list for each game. Also the missions are fairly complex, so really suits infinity players with a decent level of experience. However it does look like the perfect supplement for gamers that play regularly or just want to try some more in-depth missions. Personally I am really looking forward to using my Combined Army and taking Paradiso (hopefully!) by storm!