This is a really good article on getting players into Infinity. Well worth reading!


Back in March when I finally took the plunge into Infinity, I was initially slightly daunted. While the rules, tokens and the like were all available to me free online, there isn’t a true ‘starter set’ like many other game systems have. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although the lack of a starter can be seen to make things quite difficult for new players to really get going straight away.

There’s been a fair bit of talk over on the official Infinity forums about what could be done to make the game more approachable, and I figured I’d offer up my experience while it’s still fairly fresh and I’m still fairly new to the game.

I was fortunate enough when making my first forays into Infinity that two of my regular 40k opponents (Adam and Darren) were also looking for something new, so we all jumped in together…

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