There has been photos from last weekends tournament posted on the Wargaming Trader. Below are some images of my Nomads and my mates Haqq and Pan-O force.  In my opinion playing with two painted armies on a great table is what war gaming is really about, so  I am really glad we all went to the effort to get our models painted!

You can view all of the images from the whole weekend here. A full review of the weekend and ITS in general is coming soon, but I defiantly want to thank Ian for putting this event on and the great prize support (even for just turning up we got a goody bag!). It was an amazing day of gaming and was great to meet up with other people who are enthusiastic about Infinity!


Nomad Force ready for the Winter Challenge!


Pan-O Force for Winter Challenge


Haqqislam Force for Winter Challenge


Nomads take the high ground!


Lunokhod hides after burning out rival Nomads


Emergency pinning (thanks to Ian!)!


Prof that shoot guns are worth it! Dam you Shasvastii!