Check out my mates review of the Infinity Winter Challenge tournament that I attended last weekend. I will try and write up my own review on how my Nomads faired soon!


Well, Monday’s here which means it’s back to work and all the fun of the weekend is behind us. Also, we’re back from the Winter Challenge, held down in Exeter, and while we (“we” being myself, Adam and Darren) could only make it for one of the two days, we all had a great time.

Before I get into the meat of this post I’d like to extend our thanks to Ian, The Wargaming Trader, for his superb organisational skills for the day we were present. Also, thanks to Corvus Belli for not only giving us the game we all love, but also for providing a wonderful tournament system for events such as these, and the support they’ve shown by sending Ian various goodies for the prize pool. Finally, some thanks to Antenociti’s Workshop and Micro Art Studio for the prizes they supplied – plenty of Antenociti’s new line…

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