I have managed to take a few more photos of my Nomads. I can’t say I am a natural photographer (or good at Photoshop to make up for this fact!), but I hope they look all right!

Below is a photo of the first two Morlocks that I have painted (they come in a box of four). These models really remind me of the X-Men, without just ripping them off. It’s more like a nice nod to the mutant heroes. The cloak of the lady Morlock actually has a diamond pattern on it, but it’s tricky to photo! Also the lady Morlock is my best attempt at painting human(ish) skin. I normally paint alien models, so I have managed to avoid painting human skin for many years. Unfortunately this means I really don’t know howto paint human skin well. Anyway I went for a more purple skin tone, which I think works well with Nomads as they seem to like changing the pigment colour of their skin! Least that’s my excuse and that’s what I am sticking too!:)


Two Morlocks for my Nomads

The Moran are the work horse of my Nomads, providing Crazy Koalas, repeaters and specialist (if you go for forward observers anyway). I have painted on a dimond patterns on most of my Nomads and this is very obvious here! The pattern takes ages to do, but I am happy with the final result. The Koala also has a dimond on his eye (just out of the photo shoot), just to keep in theme!


Moran Maasai Hunter, with his cuddly friend!

I updated the Reverend Custodier photo with a run through Photoshop (I really need to get a professional like Leeman on this!). Hopfully it show the model off a bit more like it is in real life!


Reverend Custodier