MicroArtSceneweb-1024x576So my first go at an Infinity tournament is coming up soon. The tournament is called the Winter Challenge Double Tournament, you can find out more about it here. I will be attending the 300pts tournament on the Saturday.

I am really looking forward to the tournament, just meeting up with more Infinity players will be cool. The only trouble I am having is deciding which army to use! I really like plating with both my Combined (vhanila, shasvastii and morat!) and Nomads. I think the Nomads shine more when playing specialist style missions, however with my 300pts list having 16 models and 21 orders they are not quick to play! In fact I am really concerned about how long the Nomads will take to play in a tournament environment. My Combined Army on the other hand will probably do better in any “kill missions” and as they rarely go above 10 models they are defiantly quicker to play. I will have to keep testing lists and see what happens!