infinitynomads800x600It’s still early days for me with my Nomads, but they are certainly turning out to be a very interesting force to play with. I have picked up a few tips with my current list that I thought I would share. Hopefully they will aid some newer Nomad players, like myself!

Sin Eaters and Smoke
Being a reactive model, the Sin Eater is very good at board control. However I like to get a bit more out of him than just waiting for the enemy to walk into a fire-fight. Indeed if the opponent does attack him it’s often with a model using combat camo (who can potentially kill a Sin Eater without retaliation) or one that can put the fire-fight strongly into their own favour (like an Aquila Guard with its MSV L3 and high BS). In addition your opponent can often combat the Sin Eater at a time of their choosing.

What would be ideal is moving the Sin eater into a position where he can react to more suitable targets (i.e. ones of your choosing!) or force the opponent to deal with the Sin Eater. However to do this would often involve moving into position and having a fire-fight in the Sin-Eaters active turn, something no Sin Eater would want! To get round this, you can use smoke, provided by Morlocks.

Using smoke in your active turn to block line of sight to the Sin Eater, allows you to move him into a good position. Then in your opponents turn, the smoke clears and the Sin Eater will be in line of sight to more desirable targets. Your opponent is then faced with either immediately dealing with the Sin Eater, not activating the models that is in line of sight of the Sin Eater or resorting to having a fire fight with a Sin Eater with less than optimal troops. All of which can be good for the Nomad player.

The use of smoke to position the Sin Eater can really force your opponents hand. Of course if your opponent has MSV2 or 3, use this tip with caution!

Repeaters add a lot to your hacking threat range and when it comes to repeaters, Nomads are defiantly spoilt for choice! However when using hacking in Attack Mode be careful which repeater you use, as a critical defensive hack destroys both your hackers hacking device and the repeater. This won’t bother many armies, but with Nomads this could be a Moran, Lunokhod, Tsyklon or even the Iguana TAG! With this risk, try to avoid using more expensive repeater models for offensive hacking. However, just to be clear, defensive hacking really does not matter which repeater is used.

These crazy things are soon becoming one of my favourite warband troops. For only 7 points they provide exactly what you want from a warband, a cheap source of chain rifles and smoke grenades. If you want a bit more survivability the assault pistol option is still only 10pts, so defiantly worth considering. Sure these maniacs don’t have any form of camoflarge (like ODD or Mimetism) and are irregular, but then if they did they would not be 7pts! As well as giving all the basics for great a warband, Morlocks are naughty little critters who indulge in rather illegal activities… This gives them Meta-chemistry.

Now making the most of Meta-chemistry is what my tip is all about. Meta-chemistry is of course random, but I believe that there are some effects that add a new dimension to what you can achieve or how you play with the Morlocks. So when these effects are rolled up, it’s worth bearing in mind what you can do with them. I have broken the abilities into three broad categories:

Movement: This includes Superior Movement, Super-Jump and Climbing Plus. The movement buffs are some of the best abilities on offer from Meta-chemistry, but care is required to get the most out of them as they can easily get your model killed when using their impetuous movement. Superior Movement in particular is hard to control, but it is also one of the strongest movement abilities.

The movement buffs allow your Morlocks to get into great killing positions, to either attack lots of enemy models with a chain rifle or to attack the enemies’ rear arc. In particular attacking the rear arc of a troop is one of the best ways to keep your Morlock alive, so although these are movement buff they can actually aid the Morlocks survivability. In addition you may be able to quickly advance into your opponents back lines and pick on cheer leaders.

I find Morlocks with a movement buff are best deployed on the flanks. Also take care to position them where they won’t get shot up early on due to their impetuous movement.

Survivability: This includes Natural Armour, No Wound Incapacitation, Dogged, Shock Immunity, Regeneration and Total Immunity. Natural Armour, Shock Immunity and Total Immunity are relatively minor or situational buffs so won’t radically change how the Morlocks work. Regeneration is also situational as Morlocks are often die in exposed positions, although the rewards of brining a Morlock back to life make this one more worthwhile.

For me the clear winners for survivability are No Wound Incapacitation (NWI) and Dogged. Both abilities allow the Morlock to go on killing sprees. These sprees may be short lived and suicidal, but you can certainly get a lot from your 7pts investment! You will need some extra orders to pump into the Morlocks, which is worth taking into account when creating your list. Morlocks with either Dogged or NWI are great for striking right into the heart of the enemy, so I often deploy these models more centrally.

Offensive: This includes X Visor, Super Physique and Sixth Sense L2. Both X Visor and Super Physique are generally used to help the Morlocks better at throwing grenades; however I don’t think either drastically changes the way I play with Morlock. As well as throwing grenades better, Super Physique aids dodging, climbing and close combat. The X Visor ability is far more situational as it only helps throwing grenades over 8” away, or fire an assault pistol (although still inaccurately, if not hideously inaccurately) over 8”. Sixth Sense L2 is more of benefit when facing camo troops, as they allow you to directly react to combat camo attacks. Positioning your Morlock with Sixth Sense L2 near the attack route of camo troops is very handy indeed. The Sixth Sense L2 also allows you to react to attacks made throw smoke which, can aid the Morlock survivability from attacks from models with MSV L2 or L3.