imagesThe second game against Haqq ws a very different game…

The game was decided early on as I pushed for an “assassination” of a total reaction remote and a Asawira with my Speculo Killer. This resulted in the death of the remote to the Speculo Killer. Then the Speculo Killer chargd into the Asawira. Unfortunately the Asawira nanopulser killed the Speculo Killer, whilst the Speculo Killer’s mono weapon missed. To try and rectify this error (of biting off more than I could chew) I moved my Malignos hacker into combat hacking range of the Asawira. My plan was to hack the Asawira and then use the auto-med kit on the Speculo Killer, hopefully reviving her (it?) and kill the immobile Asawira. Unfortunately for me I spent a full six orders moving my Malignos hacker and unsuccessfully trying to hack the heavy infantry three times. This left me with an exposed Maligons and an unconscious Speculo Killer.

The game went downhill for my Shasvastii from there as the Maligons was quickly killed off and the unconscious Speculo was put of out it’s misery with an explosive close combat weapon! As such I was close to 100pts down in my first turn! My opponent then used his Barid’s marker to “turn off” my total reaction remotes and use a Naffatun to run up a flank and burn up some of my hiding Shasvastii. The game was wrapped up quickly after that, with a massive win to the Haqq.

Losing can be a great way of learning and this was one hell of a schooling for my Shasvastii! I think I will be a lot more careful with the Speculo next game, probably going down the “trolling” route rather than an outright “assassination” attempt on the first turn (I should follow my own advice!). Also using the expensive Malignos hacker to try and fix my first mistake, of getting the Speculo killed, just made it all worse. In fact I spent my entire first turn just getting almost a third of my army killed and not moving anything else into better supporting positions. I suppose if it the hack and med kit rolls has been successful it would have all paid off and I would have been in a good position. However this was all quite a risk and a big gamble (the saying “all my eggs in one basket” comes to mind). As my opponent said after the game, if you are pumping order after order into achieving something, you’re probably doing the wrong thing! After this game, I defiantly agree with this!

Still it’s nice to play Infinity, where the better tactics gets the victory rather than the list. Indeed my Haqq opponent defiantly used his force better and deserved the win. My Shasvastii will just have to learn and get their revenge next time!