imagesI recently had two great infinity games. One game was with my Nomads at 200pts against Ariadna and the other using my Shasvastii against Haq at 300pts. I won’t go into too much detail, but concentrate what I learnt from each game.

So in the first game my Nomads were up against Ariadna. My opponent was using a French teamed list with lots of camo backed up with some powerful guns (in fact a lot of powerful guns!). I used 2 Morans, 2 Moderators, Sin eater (MK12), Moria, Custodier, 2 Morlocks and a Zero.

Ariadna are a tough opponent for Nomads, as all the usual hacking tricks are useless. This meant that the Nomads had to face Ariadna in an “old fashioned” shoot out. However throughout the game it was clear that my Nomads seemed to be losing fire fight. Notable exceptions to this included my Moria and Custodier, as with their ODD they were tough opponents for the Ariadna’s and highlighted the armies lack of MSV level2. Although a good way for the Ariadna’s to get around the ODD was using flamethrowers, so I will have to watch out for those next time! In addition the Sin eater with a MK 12 proved useful; even if a parachute commando with HMG managed to kill him in a fire-fight.

I managed to get a win by completing my missions. We were using YAMS (which don’t require specialist to complete missions) and I was helped out massively by having a Morlock with the extra move buff (move of 8/6 I think), allowing me to zip around the board with a wip 14 model! Defiantly worth the 7 points!

The game was defiantly a lot of fun, against a new player and an army that I had yet to face. The game proved that my Nomads can compete without hacking, but it’s defiantly not ideal! I think I should look at getting a bit more firepower into my smaller 200pts list, but was otherwise happy with how every model played.