The Dire Foe’s look to be a great step forward for Infinity. I almost can’t believe no one has done this before, it’s so simple but ingenuous! If you have not heard of Dire Foe’s yet, you will get two spec ops in a set with a special mission for them to go face to face against each other. I think having two miniatures in a set from different armies works particularly well in Infinity, where many players have more than one army. This means spliting the box contents should not be an issue for most players.

I plan to get the Nomad and Combined spec opps (which means I can get my first Tohaa model!) . I am especially looking forward seeing the miniature for Lupe Balboa (Nomad spec op), as I am not a massive fan of the current Nomad spec opps. The art work is really good, but when I heard on the O-12 pod cast that the model was based on the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen, it made it even cooler (I don’t know how I didn’t see it before!).