1009867_327229670746955_2027169721_n_bigthumbThe Corregidor range has been expanding lately and the models are looking amazing as displayed in the Corregidor starter set. As with the Morat re-sculpts there are benefits and disadvantages to having re-sculpts. In the case of Corregidor re-sculpts the new models will undoubtedly look great, but I can’t expand my Nomads as quickly as I would like as key models will be re-done soon. In particular I would like an Intruder with a HMG and some Alguaciles.

However what really excites me is the art work for the Gecko and Iguana. The Iguana is just going to be a great model, even if the rules are a bit odd in my opinion (two wounds on a TAG seems fragile to me, even if you get a heavy infantry model when it goes down)! However I think the Gecko will be a stunning model with great rules. To be honest I really want two of them!

Once the Gecko comes out I think I will buy the new Corregidor starter set and really expand into this sectorial. Hopefully the Alguaciles and Intruder with HMG will be out by then to!

To see more Corregidor images and other images of the from GenCon, there is a great summary at: Wargamingtrader