So there is a lot of exciting news for alien players, both in the dark millennium (40k) and the brighter near future (Infinity)! In this post I just wanted to talk a little about Tyranids.

I have not played 40K for quite a while, but the new Tyranid book might get me back into the game! The Tyranid book is rumoured to come out in November and we have already seen some rumours (although many of these seem out of date or unreliable). It will be interesting to see which direction GW take Tyranids and exactly which new models are brought out. Ideally I would like see all units playable, even the lictors, pyrovores and carnifex! Hopefully the Tyranids get the same treatment as the Elder and Tau, which seem quite well written and balanced. I will have to keep my eye on the rummor sites like Faeit 212

There will defiantly be some new units, which are likely to be “must have” units. This will be a bit frustrating as I have an established Tyranid army, but I will ignore the hit on my wallet if the models look good. However this is the first time where I almost dread seeing a new unit (rather than just a re-sculpt) as GW’s track record has been bad in the area (Centurion, Lord of Battle, Riptide etc). Only time will tell!