untitledAfter learning the rules for Infinity, my next question was “what mission do we play?”. After all once you have played through a few kill games, you will want a bit more and Infinity does not disappoint as it’s ideally suited to missions. In fact I far prefer playing mission as it usually rewards tactics, rather than firepower. In particular I find you start prioritizing orders to move troops around and complete objectives. This means you have less oreders for outright killing, so you tend to get a bit more “surgical” with your firepower. This adds a lot of realism to an already realistic game!

In my opinion there are three levels of missions usually played by Infinity gamer’s. They are:

  • YAMS (Yet Another Mission System)
  • ITS (Infinity Tournament System)
  • Campaign Paradiso

Bearing in mind that this is very much my own opinion, based on what I have played and read (I have yet to actually play Paradiso for example).

An easy mission set to get started with, but actually remain very playable. In particular you won’t need any specialist to complete missions (read on to find out about that!) so there are no army list requirements. This makes it very easy when starting out as you don’t need to consider tailoring your list just to complete a mission.

The YAMS work by dealing out six mission cards from a deck of around 26 to each player. Each player then selects four of the six missions. One mission can be selected to provide double points if you accomplish it, adding another layer of tactics to choosing the right mission.

As the missions are secret and there are so many options, it can be difficult to spot what mission the opponent is trying to do. This does mean that you tend to just concentrate on accomplishing your own missions and generally hampering your opponent on the way rather than specifically trying to prevent them from achieving certain objectives. In my opinion this is neither a positive or a negative, just a different way of doing missions.

These mission may have been created by an Infinity fan, but they really do work, especially when you are starting out! To view then, get the pdf from here.

The ITS missions are the official missions used for the Infinity Tournament System. Because of this they can be recommended as most infinity tournaments will use these, or an adaption of them. You can download the rules here. I should point out that I have only started playing ITS, so i am still getting used to them and my opinons may yet change once I have played them all!

The ITS missions make use of specialist troops. Specialist are everything from forward observers to hackers. This takes list building to the next level. After all you will end up paying points and/or SWC to add more specialist than usual, this will almost always be at the expense of extra firepower! I must admit I was a bit sceptical if I would like this additional element, but from what I have played so far it works well.

In 3 of the 5 missions you will need specialist. Ok if you wipe your opponent out you will (probably) win these games, but your objective points will be very low. To put this into numbers in the first mission, Supply Run, you can only be sure of claimng 3 points out of the 8 available through killing (there are another 2 points that can be claim through the classified objectives, but these are randomized so you can’t plan for it!). Therefore you may not need specialist to win a game, but you will need specialist to get a decent number of objective points. So why bother about “objective points”? Well these objective points are used to rank players in the tournament. Therefore you could potentially win all your games, but end up with a pretty low number of objective points and therefore a low tournament position.

I have noticed that the fact that you can win the “specialist missions” by brute force, could be a bit of a pain when playing causally. For instance if one opponent included specialist where as the other does not bother (i.e. not playing for the objectives!) the second player will probably have more firepower than the first. To get around this, I would consider keeping a running score of your ITS games and averaging them out after every three games. This of course is just an idea!

Also note that you are supposed to take two list to an ITS tournament, one I assume for the missions that use specialist (3 of the 5 missions) and the other for pure killing potential (2 of the 5 missions).

Another point worth considering is that there are a few of the less used rules that are required to accomplish the classified objectives. These even include using D-Charges! As they are worth 2 objective points each, it may be worth checking through the classified objectives to see if your list can accomplish them.

Paradiso is the official mission book produced for Infinity. I have yet to play the Paradiso missions, so can’t say to much. However from what I have read the missions are similar in style to the ITS “specialist” missions, but more in-depth. Here is a nice summary of what you will need for each mission. You can see that engineers, hackers and baggage models are needed. With all these specialist requirements, you will defiantly be tailoring your list for these missions!

I am really looking forward to trying Paradiso out, but for now I am still getting used to the ITS missions! Once I get into Paradiso I will try and pass on my opinions.