I thought I would share a great supplier of Infinity models, Arcane Miniatures (visit their store here). I should point out that I am in no way connected to Arcane Miniatures, other than a customer, so this is an honest review.

Why do I recommend this company? Well they do a nice 10% off and free delivery (if you don’t mind 2nd class post). On top of this Arcane Miniatures have always provided excellent customer service, which is the main reason I keep coming back to them! Any issues that has arisen (I have only had two in the five or so years that I have used them, both of which where manufacturing faults, not Arcane Miniatures fault) have been resolved quickly and efficiently.

Other than Infinity models Arcane Miniatures do a range of other models, mostly skirmish style games from the more obscure manufactures, although other larger brands like Privater Press are also present. I have picked up the odd model to add a bit of flavor from the more obscure miniature ranges.

To summaries Arcane Miniatures are my supplier of choice. If you want to get Infinity models within the UK, you really can’t go wrong with them!