Well I have been playing Infinity for nearly six months now and have really enjoyed it. I concentrated on playing the Combined Army, but have been able to play a range of opponents.

First off I would say that (from what I have seen) all factions are fairly equal in Infinity. This is a pretty bold statement, but I really have not noticed a particular faction doing better than another. I think there are a few nastier builds out there for some factions (60 pretas or a load of Axilla for example!) but in reality you just don’t see them!

Ok then, so on to the Combined! The Combined army are an elite force. Personally I would say that they are even more elite then Aleph, but that could really be debated! This elite status is caused by two main factors, firstly the Combined Army has expensive line-troops (which are generally considered to be poor for their cost) and secondly that the Combined have access to some super elite models. The first point is a restriction and because of it the Combined will often struggle to get a high number of orders, especially at lower point value games. The second is a positive feature of the Combined, allowing you access to some really nasty units like the Sogarat, Charontid or even the Anathematic.

The Combined do not disappoint at the mid-level (around 20pts – 35pts) either. In particular the Aswuangs and Vector Operators are very nasty!  I personally often include a large number of mid-level troops as they suit my style of play (but that’s a discussion for another time!).

The Combined are also one of the more varied forces in Infinity. That’s really not surprising considering that it’s formed of different alien races! This leads to two very different sectorials within the Combined, the Morats and the Shasvastii. The Morats are distinct in that they have a much more brutal and straight forward approach to warfare. In fact they have no troops with CH or TO camouflage and rely on big guns, mutli-spectral visors and link teams to win the day. The Shasvastii on the other hand love camo and detest fair fights! They would much rather take the enemy out one at a time whilst conserving there strength. Because of the strong identities of both races, I feel the sectorials within the Combined are even more distinct than you would usually expect. For me this variation within the Combined is a great pull towards playing them. One day can play as a sneaky alien assassin and the next as a red faced ape with a panzerfaust! Of course you could play vanilla Combined and use the android death machines of the Evolved Intelligence! The choice is yours!

Because of the diversity and elite nature of the Combined, they have a large number of special rules. However you are defiantly paying the points for these rules! In this regard, you could consider the Combined to be less point efficient than other forces. This “special rule tax” is particularly obvious in the Combined line-troops, which pay for special rules that generally don’t help make them a better line-troop (although they do add to the army in other ways). This all being said, I have found that the special rules often open options that just are not available to other armies and add a lot of “flavor” to the Combined models. I have really enjoyed using the special rules and when you get some of the more obscure rules off (like morhpo-scan!) it can be really rewarding!

I will try and write a bit about each Combined sectorial as well as the standard vanilla options, but for now I hope this intro to the Combined gives you a first glimpse at their play style.