So I had three games of Infinity over the weekend. It’s tough to give any detail when reviewing Infinity games (so much micro events happen!). I will try and give a few highlights of each game, but I will start with the Haqqislam game.

200pts Combined VS 200pts Haqqislam

My combined list was:

 Skiavoro Lieutenant (56|0)

 Vector Operator HMG (35|1.5)

 Morat Combi (16|0)

 Morat Combi (16|0)

 Noctifer Combi (23|0)

 Aswuang Combi (25|0)

 Daturazi Chain (14|0)

 Daturazi Chain (14|0)

This game was a very close fought game with both the Haqqislam and combined playing aggressively.

The Haqqislam was an army with 8 models around the 25ish points mark (although one was around 36pts, whilst another was 12pts). This was quite a different approach to my combined where I have a few cheap(ish) troops (vanguard and witch soldiers) so that I could take a Skiávoros (56pts model). It’s interesting to see how the different approaches to building lists work out. I felt that both approaches had their merits. The Haqqislam where all deadly, allowing them to put pressure on my combined as they always had a semi-decent model within threat range.  On the other hand my combined relied on the Skiávoros to do a lot of the fighting, but then he is quite good at it!

As for the Haqqislam models I thought that the Djanbazan was very nice with its MSV Lv2 and regeneration. The Naffatûn was also really nasty as with their impressive WIP (14) and flamer (a great counter to camo unitsl).  The Lasiq was also a complete nightmare with its viral rifle killing any model that it hit.

In the end the “man” of the match for my combined was the vector operator who used super jump to do a killing spree.  I also used the Noctifer to take out the Haqqislam HMG total reaction remote. Unfortunately the Noctifer was burnt to a crisp by an avenging Naffatûn!

It was a great game and I look forward to playing against the Haqqislam more in the future.