So a 40K player has asked me, why play Infinity?  Well after thinking about it, I think it comes down to three thing:

Models: First and foremost, I personally think the models are great. I really like the “true” scale nature of Infinity models and the manga style. The models where a big draw to me anyway!

Rules: The rules are a very refreshing change from anything that I have played before. This is because one player acts as the active player whilst the other player  acts as the reactive player. This means you are always involved in the game, there is no waiting around for your opponent to shoot your army up until you get the chance to return the favor.

Game Balance: You can use all models within the Infinity range. Which means that you get to use the model you like the most and as an extension of this there are no “net lists”.  Of course army building is still important, but when it comes down to it it’s how you use your models rather than which ones you take.