When i started infinity I found it very difficult to get an idea of what each army was like .  Now I have played a few games I thought I would summarize my thoughts on each army. Hopefully new players may find this useful!


The “Space Marines” of Infinity, very shooty (most units have an extra point of BS) and cost-effective. However they do have more of the technologically advanced rules such as mutli-spectral visors (so you can shoot camo units!) and access to a wide range of heavy infantry.  A draw back is that they have lower willpower (so don’t make the best medics, engineers or hackers) also they don’t have access to as many fancy rules as other factions.

Nomads are all about synergy between units and remotes (robots and TAG’s).  I will have to play against them a bit more before I can say anymore!

Yu Jing:
They are a bit of an odd one, they have similarities to Pan-O (large range of heavy infantry and good tech), but are a bit more combat orientated (which means some of their models are less cost-effective). Don’t let that put you off, they do have some very unique units (armored suits that can transform and futuristic samurai!).

A technologically backward army, but they make up for it through shear numbers and outright aggression. Ariadna are also characterized by having a higher physical, lack of BTS (so are susceptible to viral weapons) and no hackers (but then there heavy infantry can not get hacked).

Human techno faction. this is an elite army with some very resilient units (man sized TAG’s!).
Have a lot of good light and medium infantry.  Generally the models have an extra point of willpower, so make good medics, engineers and hackers. To me they feel seem like an army in between Ariadna  and Yu Jing.  Also worth noting that they have access to a lot of flame throwers!

The army that I personally play! I have a lot to say about this army, but to summarize I would say that they have loads of special rules. This means they have access to a wide range of tactics, but suffer from being expensive.  In particular the combined line troopers are particularly cost-ineffective. On the other hand you have access to some amazing and out-right weird units!